Meta human

So i wonder with superhumans like General Zod and man of steel i wonder what level of ascention are they, they move so quickly.:metal:

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They are at a level of Ascension called FICTION.


Technically they are humanoids from another galaxy where the laws of physics are different from ours. That’s why when Kal El was sent here he was able to have all of his abilities. Back in his home world he is as weak as we are here.

But it would be very interesting if we could cultivate those abilities.

That Faora el looks pretty hot don’t you think.:thinking::metal:

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Take this: you have the abillity to accelerate the inner being inside, vibrationally, achieving a deep level of relaxation, and doing this you can literally slow time for yourself. I speak about the abbility to move from a point A to a point B in space and for you it will look normal, just a walk in the park, but for the average dormant folk you will appear very fast. You can try this, even reaching a destination faster while walking than running (and being unaligned with yourself) the same distance.
I have experienced with this.

Yes i do indeed, i did have the gift to open up a small size black hole to protect my home from burglars, i do not know how and why i got that, i haven’t do it ever since, i think it happens when criminal are around.

:joy: :rofl: That actually made me physically laugh out loud. I was thinking the exact same thing.

This can be done, I learned it with Steve Rother’s channeled materials. It’s very handy when you’re driving and late. He was channeling a being called the Keeper of Time, who I believe is the same being as the Master of Time from the Book of Azazel, and you ask him to attune you so you can say “Stop. Time.” and you ind you just get there faster, but it doesn’t feel faster.


Well that will be a sinch, there is going to be a grimoire coming out on new years eve called wait for it, Azazel Compendium Volume 3, so Volume 4 there after probably called Abaddon compendium, 4th gate keeper also is Abaddon a knight of Hell.

Yeah I’m looking forward to that.