Met tet

How does one know and find who their spirit Met tet is?

While there’s a thread on it, what’s a met tet?

It’s like your main guardian or protector. In some systems is like your father or you mother.

Oh ok a patron. Why not do a reading for it?

Don’t know who can. I understand it has to be someone with that type of knowledge or in the system for a while who can be able to tell you accurately.

The met tet is your head loa.

The usual way is to find someone already initiated into the system and have them do a reading for you, another less traditional way that the people who are initiated into the system look down on (but they do get paid for this so…ye know) is to divine it yourself the way you would any other spirit.

Perhaps use a pendulum, float it above every veve and ask if they’re your met tet.

Perhaps just ask Papa Legba if you’re confident enough.

You need to do a reading. If you don’t know anyone contact me and I’ll see if my Santero can help you.