Messed up love spell?

I attempted a mini love spell on an ex

I kind of improvised what I said, so one part I said, “our love is like this candle, bright, strong, powerful and everlasting but then I blew the candle out so that just defeated that purpose. Tbh I’m gonna try other spells because it just didn’t feel like I did anything but could this have the opposite effect?

if your will is strong enough blowing out the candle is fine!

Okay so in the sense of will, my want and desire to be with him is crazy strong but how do I translate that into a spell, like how do I put that will and show it, do I start getting excited with love? Same with a curse. Someone has made me so angry that I’ve had multiple screaming fits where I hit the walls and scream and cry my head off but once I’m calm how do I put all that hate and energy into a curse

direct it into the flame itself.

Well I just love this LOL

I liked the words you used, I might leave off the word everlasting because nothing is, things are always meant to grow and evolve. Also a candle is not everlasting since it eventually burns down to a pool of wax. Try to think of another powerful word with a similar meaning.

You have to become this spell so understand what love looks like bright ( energetic, lack or darkness etc) Strong (Unshakable) Powerfull ( there’s nothing you cant accomplish in the relationship) But remember your powerful in your own right, the relationship does not give you power only enhances and compliments what you already have.

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Thank you so much!

I have a soft spot for you LOL You are so sincere in your efforts at trying to right your situation I know you can do this. A TinyGirl is not what you are in spirit. :slight_smile:

OMG that’s so sweet aw now I’m honoured but also feel pressure to keep you impressed hahahaha!

Ha ha no I don’t need to be impressed! I don’t work like that :slight_smile:

I just want to be an advocate for your success.