Messed up a ritual, should I repeat it?

Hey guys, I just tried the DoM method 2. Before I did it I meditated and recited the enn before, and could tell the demon was present. When I moved onto the ritual, the main request I made was very imprecise and there’s no way for me to tell if it happened. When actually doing the ritual I didn’t feel or hear any presence, only during the enn before. The only thing that might have indicated a presence to me was something with my candles, which I’m about to try to test and verify.

My main question is firstly, would it be bad if I did another ritual with the same demon tonight, but did DoM 1? DoM 1 will probably be better for what I’m trying to do anyways, but I don’t want to anger this demon.

Question 2 : If you don’t feel a presence or anything at all during a ritual, did it fail?

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1: Yes, you can repeat the ritual.

2: No, a lack of of presence does not mean the ritual failed. Most people don’t feel or sense anything, and the author of the book you are using even says as much. The only metric by which you should judge the success or failure of a ritual is whether you received the result you asked for or not.


Okay, thank you.

If you wanted to do DoM 1 to ask for confirmation of a previous spell …
( the previous spell there is no way to tell if it is working, it was to prevent/change something. I would only know if it wasn’t working if something went wrong then it’d be too late)
… how do you think I should phrase the question? I haven’t dreamed in the last few months so I’m not sure if trying to talk through dreams will work. How can I ask a demon to do it: to show me that they are already working the magic for me, in a way that will be unmistakable and clear to recognize?

Just ask for a sign that the precious working was successful, and then be open to it. When you ask for a sign, and that sign happens, you will know it.


My answers to all of your questions is to work as hard as you can and try until you acquire your desired result

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Do you have any suggestions on what I could ask to happen? I was thinking maybe ask for a symbol or object to occur, but I don’t know what symbol or object to ask for that I will know came from this petition

Ask for something simple. A symbol or object is good, something you don’t see every day so when yo do see it, you’ll know.

I’ve had rituals succeed when I felt absolutely nothing feeling like I was talking to a wall , and some have failed when I felt a very strong presence. If you repeat the ritual make sure it’s not out of desperation!