Messages of Thanks

I wanted to offer my gratitude to BALG, EA Koetting, Lady Eva, and Bran Raven for their support of Magick and the Art of altering and manipulating cosmic energy. I wanted to thank King Paimon, King Belial and King Zagan for their work on my behalf.

First, there is a ritual in the Antholoy of Sorcery. You cast a circle and say the following:” I blaspheme religion. I blaspheme societal norms. I blaspheme family. I blaspheme all that is ear and dear to me. “. These I have said repeatedly.

Since then, I am united to a woman who is incredibly beautiful, and truly loves me. Left behind is a group that didn’t, and only saw me as a cash cow. My life has turned into a dream come true. Never have I known love like this,

I am about to face victory over a cunning adversary in the legal system, and I am so thankful to my Kings who’ve helped me: King Paimon, King Belial and King Zagan.

I wanted to thank you. May my adversaries plummet into darkness, of choose to be at peace with me out of fear.

Blessings to you all!