Messages during the Invocation of Lucifer

90 chronicles that the Moirs weave
And the annals will become all that gives birth to you and that gives birth to people.

Who are you? The fate received at birth.
Will it be the same or constantly changing?

Who will be by your side, and who will be your enemy
“That which is spoken” and “That which is destined”

Will you be like a Hydra that cuts off one head, and two appear.

Will you become a messenger of Cain, who killed his brother
Can you go against Ananke?

Break the threads and become like a Deity.

The keeper of secrets, the one who will change things, the one who will reveal the essence of chaos and perish in darkness, and will be reborn again like a black flame, which will be the harbinger of the end and the last one to see the end of the world.

And you will no longer be a man, you will become more than a man – a Deity that is higher than being
And He will come to you.

Like a shadow and emptiness that has been waiting for you for centuries and justice will be done to the gods who have become like people and are mired in a global pool of vanity and greed.

And the crows will devour the sky A’arab Zaraq and the last melody will sound led
by the forgotten gods

The illusion will fall from people’s eyes And they will wake up from eternal sleep.

Your scars will become your sword and they will transform you

A man without a face, a man without a soul, a shell without a body is a real likeness of a Deity

The righteous will become liars, the liars will become righteous

For what has been done has influence and influence that cannot be erased from the structure of the soul

The one who understands without words, looks without a glance, the one whose memories are not his, and he does not have a body and he does not have a shell, and only the chosen one will understand who He is

Where is the truth and where is the lie, only He can understand and He will become a ruler when he understands who he is