Message to Koetting

get him on your channel

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i’d love to interview with koetting about degeneracy in art.

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Please contact the zen desk and get him on

can you drop the contact? FOR SOME REASON I CANT DO THE HELP DESK.

Did you submit it?



thank u for abusing my sigil ur magic is epic koetting

What did he do?

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turned negative people into cannibals to feed to mk ultra and the fbi.

Such a naughty boy…


Good afternoon Mr Koetting,

I have a couple a of questions. I want to book a consultation but i want to make sure that the topic i want to talk about fall in the realm of what is possible with magic so i don’t waste your time and the money…

In general, with magic, can it grant you talents/abilities you didn’t have before?
Let’s say i want to be very knowlegeable EXPERT/LEGENDARY LEVEL in a particular subject but don’t have time to learn or simply can’t learn it because it goes over my head. Can magic handle that to the tune when i am an expert at that subject almost over-night or in a very very short period of time?

I have been contemplating with booking a 4 sessions consultations but since money is tight for me in the moment, i wanted to make sure that what i am seeking is possible and not just fairy-tale before i spend the money. I don’t mind the money, i considering it as an investment but as every good investors, i want to make sure the investment will pay off or at least have the possibility of paying off.

I am awaiting your response sir.

Thanks for reading.

Man, I am no Koetting, but its safe to say that will not happen.

Although there is one secret method to rising into your godhood.

Do your introduction.

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What about the stories about people who couldn’t play instruments or write music but with help from some spirits, they were able to perform those tasks… Are any of those true or is it just legends!

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Well I certainly do not believe that you can just play a guitar at first try no matter which demon you evoke/invoke, or angel, or fae, or be it a primordial god.

I don’t know, maybe getting possessed? Lets put hypotetical spirit named Virgin Jack in this situation.He somehow knows how to play the guitar.Lets say he is temporarily full on control of your body.Even he may not play it very well because your brain didnt make the neural connections to play it god tier level.

So, just imagine how unlikely it is to work.

Through repetition, hell yes, it will eventually At one time its nigh impossible if not just impossible.


Magick can help you learn something, but it will not do the work for you. You will still have to study, and apply what you learn.


Okay. Good info.

@Littleshart Thanks! You have mentioned neural connections, is it possible to alter the physical and physiological world with magic? Let’s supposed you have trouble grasping certain concepts, your brains just can’t get around certain topics, you will learn off course but can magic alter that? Where things you had trouble learning because your brains simply couldn’t grasp them, now all of a sudden, they are no longer a problem for you to understand anymore…???

@DarkestKnight Well, can magic accelerate the learning process? If you are willing to put in the time and the effort to learn it. I.E What would typically take 3-5 months to learn, can magic cut that time frame? Let’s say you have trouble understanding the topic, or certain topics or concepts… Can magic help in the understanding of such?

At best, what magick can do is help your mind process and assimilate information easier. However, it’s not going to make you a prodigy overnight or turn you into a wunderkind. There is more involved in learning than just the rote memorisation of information, and anything worth learning is worth devoting the time to.