Message me if your a sanguine Vampire

I have matters I need to discuss with Soul transmutated sanguine Vampires. What we will discuss is the Vampiric Kundalini + chakras

Hey @Rick_Ralston. You might have stuff in common with this dude. :+1:
If we could get @blackmagician55 in here it would be a party.

A ban party! :+1:

Enough stupidity.


Lol what

This member was blocked from posting (but not PM-ing) for one month, for:

  1. posting the same kind of nonsense over and over, and showing no evidence of taking the advice he was given

  2. upping the ante by boasting about how his edgelording (cutting off scabs in public) upset some children.

He made this fake account to evade that restriction so that means BOTH accounts are now permanently banned, and it’ll be ban-on-sight in future.


Jeez why do people feel the need to break the forums rules. It seems like its just wasted time.

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I didn’t do anything wrong this whole ban you if we don’t like what you believe is bullshit. I do See the advice I just refuse to believe it’s impossible to become more than just a human. You know About qliphoth Decending becoming more a god you can’t become a god if you don’t do the work and don’t believe everything is possible

Instead of banning me banning People send them a message and work it out come to an understanding that’s all I want you ban me I create a new account it’s not hard So just talk to me about it so I can understand I then won’t do what you don’t want me to do.

You’re not getting the whole “ban on sight” thing are you?

I did that when I placed the restriction on the account.

Ye gods, I LOVE a good game of whack-a-mole, please do! :+1:


Give it up Pickle Rick. People see you coming a mile away.


He shoulda used his mind control powers and remembered to use green.


NOBODY here agrees with you. Not a single person.

So… what makes you believe, then, that this could be the right place to help you in your quest?

We don’t know if you’re trolling us or if you’re delusional or both… but seriously, we don’t care. You’ll get nothing from here. Not even negative attention. The only reason you’re not a lolcow is because we’re too busy with our own practice, but in any other place, you would be exactly that.

Now go and make your webcomic Vampirichu or something. Anywhere else on the internet will be better for you.


I vote on both.

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I almost pissed myself after reading that, seriously thank you for a pre ritual laugh :laughing:


Lol is that a sonichu reference lmfaooo

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Sanguine isn’t a soul transmutation it’s a clinical disorder.


Appropiate, don’t you think?

You’re welcome.

Come on, man. He thinks it is a superpower, let him go to make his wecomic and become a lolcow.


Oh my it’s not? seems my life may be a waste.


Very appropiate.