Message from the spirit

anyone here who knows or familiar with the name Mr. Jim Bin. Don’t know if really a real name or just a nickname. If anyone does, got something for you.

No, but I’m familiar with Jim Beam.

who’s Jeam Beam?

Jim Beam is brand of bourbon whiskey produced in Clermont, Kentucky by Beam Suntory.

I’m not familiar with Jim Bin, so I don’t think the message was for me, but maybe someone will recognise the name?

I’ll just post the message and anyone who finds the feeling of it, maybe it’s you.

just got it while i returned from a travel recently.
and to whom this’ for, you’re so lucky.

“letters, words and everything flow in speed,
and your name be there will always gleam.
Your name be known.”

I know someone whose name rhymes perfectly with that name and those words make perfect sense to me. My heart is racing right now.

and you became one with the message. the guarantee, be it aligned with your fate.
My part was done.