Message from Paimon

I had this written in my notes after my evocation of Paimon. Any insight in appreciated.

Know not your fumigation,
But know your transmutation as mage.
Be not unto followers,
But be humble in your leadership.
The sword is the weakness,
The heart is the strength.


It’s simple, your heart is the guide. Be humble and listen to your heart. This is basic when considering that a noble spirit like King Paimon told you so :slight_smile:


Lol I see the top layer no problem, but my problem is depth within text. I see what you see but some people can see more depths then I can. Just checking if anyone can read more into it


It doesn’t have to be an inner layer if you think that many people don’t get it. But if you want a better insight on this:
This may mean that in order to activate your true power by using your heart or should I say DNA. I see this all the time in my magic work. Also, he tries to teach you how to be a good leader. There is no depth to that because Kimg Paimon has told me in the past that people must learn to be better leaders.


I also believe that another message hidden in this is that he wants you to learn how to control your energy and inner power. He told me that clearly yesterday actually.

This is the only thing I can find for now. But I’ll try to focus more on this and I’ll tell you if something else comes to my mind.


The first thing I thought when I read that was that it was a piece of advice to try not to become a tyrant when you reach your higher levels of power. Humble leadership and the heart. Make good decisions and pysch people out if you have to instead of making innumerable enemies through blatant displays of power.


I really like this part. Basically quit worrying about irrelevant details like which incense to use and start working on what’s important: the evolution of self. Useful advice for me as well. :+1:


Wow that is some good stuff, I like the way the King’s though process comes across…

Maybe I should look into him…

MY best,.


That kind of re-affirms in my mind that He guides different people in different ways. It seems He is telling you to rule with an even hand…but He told me to rule with an iron hand forged from compassion. Interesting.


An alchemical transmutation into leadership, keep your heart safe through the reddening stage.


“A Kings first duty is to serve.”