Message from Azazel

“let the infernal ancient grounds be open
let the black flame ignite
become my sword and mouthpiece
become the demon,become the emerald crown
claim your throne in the infernal realms of the infernal empire
at the 21 january
become my mouthpiece
i am here as i was always been
trust your journey through the abyss”


I have been following with quite keen interest any events or “shifts” if you will, surrounding the upcoming wolf blood moon 21 Jan. Spiritually a lot seems to be happening, from what I’ve read, starting on that date. Especially for human consciousness. With the infernal empire and Azazel confirming that indeed that is a very specific date, think it’s time to draw the magick hat close by and do some prep… Dunno what yet but the inclination is there! Thanks for the post!!!Always great receiving confirmations like this…! Dark Regards


Addressing everyone or someone?


“Claim the emerald crown”.

This is the crown Lucifer is know for wearing, as I understand Lucifer’s trinity of majesty is the red crown, the obsidian crown and the emerald crown.

The whole
“Become my sword and mouthpiece”.
Fuck I think demons say this to every magician our days.

Interesting though


It’s also the cusp between the end of Capricorn and the beginning of Aquarius, both signs are associated with Satan.


Yeah that’s also something I’ve picked up researching, there seems to be differences here and there between people regarding the age of Aquarius and what it’ll entail for our species, although one thing that is almost unanimous in its thinking, is that it is definitely something big starting soon… I have also picked up reading around from more experienced and seasoned sorcerer’s that even within the spirit realm/s, there seems to be preparation for something big to happen soon that has been going on for some while. Dark Regards


Interesting. Honored that we’ll witness it, whatever it is.

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Yeah I saw on ea and the 11 authors of the companium
My path is a godhood path
I just started it. like belial said

“become the demon of hell reclaim your throne in the infernal, rise an angel reclaim your throne on the heavens, find the balance between light and darkness become a god”

Now I must become the demon to rise to godhood


Indeed a time a great shifts in all planes I believe. I know I have felt it quite keenly, I feel resolve in our ability to maintain our balance in all things is being put to the test.

Yes but what does it all mean?

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thank you for you’re message from azazel,it’s funny couse i was looking for incantations of self impowerment at the topic,and bump at the encantation from azazel for the black flame and the day after i saw this message looks like (to me )that i on the (right)left path.thank you xag_darklight and hail azazel!!