Message from Araphel to BALG

I have been working with Nyx for sometime. She taught me much, but I still had deeper questions about magick, and the dark so she directed me to Araphel.

Last night I called Araphel and broke out my dark mirror oracle cards & my runes then asked if he had a message to give to BALG (the whole family, from the authors to the forum folk like myself)

Card: (6) Alone in the world moon phase: 3rd quarter stage: acceptance sentence: alone I stand, alone I shine.

Rune: Jera

I won’t interpret the reading as Its meant for all of us and all of us will take what we need from it.

Araphel told me that his darkness is an old one and it is connected to the darkness wherever magick is being worked.

Darkest Blessings


tmw you don’t work with BALG type darkness but still on BALG