Message from Adiefa: Spontaneous Channeling

After the fellow member NightWizard channeled some questions for me to the Abyssal Angel Adiefa: Gate keeper of Fire, I got a very interesting answer amongst my questions: “…You can call me on a whim…” and this is a part of the message. So today while thinking to myself how I should go about contacting the Gatekeeper to learn from him/her directly a sudden vision and voice started repeating the name “Adiefa” and “Fire” followed by the words “Contact on a whim…” Then I saw a vision of a Planet in the center of the Universe amongst stars and the channeling suddenly started.

I had trouble contacting the gatekeeper in the past but as he/she explained was because I was so caught up in the visions that I had that I was unconsciously blocking the communication and that now I finally understood the way things work for such beings. After words of wisdom and encouragement to call forth the Gatekeeper on the near future to be blessed I had a pleasant surprise; I started automatic drawing because in my mind I wanted to behold the form of the Gatekeeper. After I heard the words “Adiefa on ca da nat ca Senat” which roughly translates (Adiefa came as summoned and left as called) I received the following image. This is a public thnaks to the member NightGale for his channeling and to Adiefa for accepting me and talk to me without apparent reason by mundane means. The Glyphs on the drawing is its name.

Image: ([url=][/url]) P.S Sorry about the shitty artwork folks :wink: