Message by Sallos

Hello everyone !

I wanted to tell you something that happened to me last week and I do not really understand the meaning. I called Sallos to ask if I had to contact one of my ex-girlfriends with whom I have no contact anymore. It’s a long story but basically, a medium told me that I had to do it now and that she needed me. I do not really want to even if I still have feelings for her. Sallos told me he would help me understand. She is astrological sign scorpion and me virgo (important for after).

Two days later, a friend brings me one of these friends (whom I have never seen) for me to draw the cards. I have problems telling her really what I see for her. In later discussions, I discover that she is a scorpio and that she was married to a person (the man of her life) who was a virgin, that she left and who … hanged, suicide .

Conclusion: Is the message for me? Does he advise me not to recontact her? What do you think ?

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If you still have feelings for her maybe the two of you should try to work it out? Would be a shame if she hung herself.

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Just a opinion but it would seem that the grand Duke Sallos is telling you she needs you, and her situation is dire, without your intervening.

You said you do not want to even if you still have feelings…

It is critical for you to be true to yourself, and open and honest about the reason you do reach out if you choose to… and that is pure altruism. Pure greater good type duty and of course you don’t wish her death obviously.

What is the reason you do not wish to? Depending on that, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of helping her possibly

If you choose to reach out, as long as you go in prepared, protect yourself, and keep that honesty at the forefront with yourself and her, you should be just fine.

Best wishes

Thank you for your answers but it’s funny, I understood the opposite me. Since it was this lady’s husband who committed suicide … I thought Sallos warned me about the danger of talking to him again.

Ooohhh. I thought you said you thought Sallos was encouraging you to.

In that case, based off what you said, I would not reach out.

I love to help people, but not when the help may not be received well or appreciated and when it could lead to self destruction. You can destroy yourself trying to save someone, they’ll finish you off, and still be no better for your efforts.

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I do not express myself and I apologize.

I asked Sallos if I have to contact my ex-girlfriend with whom I have more contact for a year.

Then, three days later, a friend of mine took one of his friends home to shoot him. This other friend I do not know at all told me her story: she is a scorpio like my ex-girlfriend and she was quite violent with her former husband who was a virgo, and her husband then committed suicide.

So, i wonder if this story is a sort of warning or if Sallos wants to say “yes you must contact her”.

to complete… i think i heart a demon language in my dream this night but i dont understand what he said. i understand maybe a little but i dont remember. damn it !

no one has an idea ?