Mesh'ki'doreth. Humbly requesting help from the most experienced


That’s actually a very accurate point, Entities shape shifting them selves and their energy on a daily bases, Trust no one and upgrade your defenses, Gaining power is actually a weakness anybody can take advantage on, When you’re in the physical form you can’t be naive fool you have to protect your self, You have to keep in mind and consider the possibly that it could have been just shadow people that playing with us all along trying to make us believe that they are gods and they created us with all of this religions and fear spreading tactics, Again it’s just an assumption


Sounds like someone who broke the barriers between himself and creation itself to the point where there is very little distinction between the two. Theoretically, any person can do this, they just have to work for it. Aggressively applied hermetic principles are interesting.


Hmmm. You know, it is entirely possible that the whole thing is a test from Belial. That the power you’re experiencing comes from him, or, that he’s unlocked your own personal power by masquerading it as this unknown, supercharged, over-the-top thoughtform because you haven’t seen your true potential yourself…

Just a thought.


Doreth -
Greek: Dorothea
Given to God

Welsh: wealth, abundance

Persian: Black, raven

Russian: bag, purse

And from
A person who has the potential to attain spiritual enlightenment!

Your main strengths are related to introspection and intuition. Essentially you are able to unite the feminine and masculine.

Finding balance within two opposing forces which stop confronting and start complementing each other, is an ability few possess.


The whole “me-“ thing at the start is pretty close to “met” - “master” in Haitian and sometimes part of the name of a Loa


kindof how i see this, i just can’t believe Belial is afraid of something.



If you want my honesty I think this is where belial is being sarcastic.


Ah, a wild fan appears! How delightful!

I did assume a predatory stance in my life actually not too long ago, and my life has ever since rapidly improved for the better for not only me but also the people around me. Matsya Nyaya - There is always a bigger fish. I’ve written a short piece on the subject of keeping a predatory stance here. Who knows, I might still yet scare you away. :wink:

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There’s no shop linked on the blog page (which could then get used as a loophole “Why’d you let them do this and yet my link to my shop got taken off” etc) so that’s cool!

I’m going with Belial teasing on this one too, to be honest. I might call the big guy up later and see what he says, if I do and it;s worth reporting it I will. :+1:

I never forget that the first thing he pushed me into doing was going full avanging goddess and fighting him…


Yesterday, I did think of him just teasing, but I didn’t wanna really say anything yet. :sweat_smile:


Azi, I couldn’t get your post out of my mind, and after some retrospection, I realized that what I wrote earlier could seem like a bit high strung - and not particularly helpful. And I realized that by mentioning Archons all I did was to cry wolf, which is helping no one. Whether Mesh’ki’doreth is in fact such a being - is irrelevant. We are all predatores here, one way or another. I do apologize for jumping the gun though. (I’ve been reading a lot about the gnostics recently so it was the first that came to mind)

So here goes (a bit of along rant). Take from it what you find useful, and then just leave the rest…

I thought about what would really be helpful in this situation, and while I might not be able to aid you in a practical manner, I might help with some perspective. The only facts we have are the one you presented, so allow me speculate.

It’s not a matter of godslaying - it’s a matter of diplomacy and intelligence gathering - before anything else!

The way I see it there are several players on the field, and if this being is as powerful as Belial would have you believe, you severely need to know more. You need to know the lay of the land, and the power of each of the other players.

I would assume you have some sort of developed relationship with Belial, and I suppose that you have worked with him before and as such also trust him. I also assume that this is a reason of why you might be upset by it all - that he would make such a tall request as in slaying a god. (and also the fact that he himself was upset as well)

If I were you, I would make inquireis with other (senior) demonolators and ask if they would consult theor matrons/patrons and mentors and ask what they know of this name and being. If they do not know anything, it might be shadow play - smoke and mirros. If others of the Infernal Divine know ths name, there might be something to it. Trust, but confirm. I would help you with this, but sadly I haven’t achieved the rapport I’d like with the infernal divine at this moment, but find the others.

You could also inquire with other spirits (Samael, perhaps) and see if they recognize this being. If he has trampled on other beings during his ascent to power as you say, others would know of him no doubt, and they would have tales to tell.

Also, see if you can get councel from Belial and have him explain as to why he would want you to do this for you. You are (as far as I would assume) neither a god nor a godslayer at this moment. This might very well be a call to embak on such a journey of becoming. A challenge´to grow beyond your wildest imagination - so to speak. Be open minded about your inquires, and assume nothing.

On the other hand we have this entity, Mesh’ki’doreth, that we know nothing about. The only one who has met this being is you, so only you can tell if you can trust him. How have you felt in his presence? Was it cordial - or intimidating? Were you ever frightened by his presence, or has he always been friendly? Let your intuition speak, and may I suggest to meditate some on the subject. Do you - without any judgement - trust this being?

Mesh’ki’doreth has given you power, and a part of his magic to you. In a sense he has given a part of himself to you for your empowerment, but to what end? If you can, approach him and inquire the reason why he shared these powerful incantations with you.

Also, keep his incantations to yourself if you can. Perhaps share it with some of your closest allies, mentors, and consultants, but do not publucly divulge it. He shared this power with you for a reason, and it is as far as I am concerned - still his. Ask him if he would agree with you sharing it with others, and on what terms. As much as I’'d love to know this incantation to empower my own personal practice, I dont think it’s for me to know. At least not at this time. If Mesh’ki’doreth wants me to wield his power, he will find me and tell it to me.

There is a difference between having an ambition of power, and being obsessed with power. The first being strategic and cunning will find a way anyway, and the latter being impulsive and perhaps also reckless may not be helped with such powerful incantations - least they might not be mature enough to wield it and suffer from using it or causing undue harm. Now that’s just my opinion on the matter though. You will have to make up your own mind on this.

Also, I would play with the cards on the table. Let Mesh’ki’doreth know that Belial has made this request of you. If he is as powerful as Belial has told you, my guess is that this being already knows all about it. Why wouldn’t he?

Also, let Belial know about your abvivalence. Mesh’ki’doreth grants you power, so why should you give that up? What is the game plan? Freedom and anarchy? For whom? And it what sense? The enligthenment of our entire species? i somehow doubt that. Is it for your own personal freedom? Inquire as to what he meant by this and ask him to elaborate. I would also suggest some proper mediaton on this.

Now, to close all this up… If I were you I would assume that this was a challenge presented by Belial. A challenge for growth - for embracing powers the equal of gods. Either way - take this as a challenge to becoming more. Open all your eyes and absorb all that.

And now I’ll stop rambling…


I agree we keep bringing thinking into dualality, remember if you pick any side good bad Male female positive negative left right you limit God and to no that that is you.


@Lady_Eva you called this entity ?? Did something important happen?


Does anyone have informations to @Azi_Dahaka ?? The guy never posted anything again.


it’s 8 months ago so I don’t recall but if I didn’t reply anything in the topic, probably nothing important.


All right then! I just wanted to confirm


Orrr…maybe the guy did evoke and got destroyed…
Orrr…maybe it was a meme being…
Orrr…maybe it was a Pretender. Pretenders is my guess.


My guess is that he was mentally destroyed! Or he just got scared and walked away.