Mesh'ki'doreth. Humbly requesting help from the most experienced

So tonight Belial told me to meet him at the crossroads. Normally it is the opposite. I did.

During my gnosis, Belial revealed to me that there is an entity that even the gatekeepers fear. This entity happens to be one of the entities that has approached me, and even gave me some incantations. I have no idea who or what this entity is, but I do have a name. I do not know if my spelling of the name is correct, but the spelling that feels/sounds/looks right is Mesh’ki’doreth.

Mesh’ki’doreth told me that it is a being who was once a man. This man became a sorcerer that pushed the envelope too far, becoming completely obsessed, and died a horrible death. This man became an angel, then a demon, then a god, and then “something more.”

Tonight, Belial told me that the same entity, Mesh’ki’doreth, is widely feared because it was once a man that became “God.” I don’t know which “God” Belial is referring to, but Belial told me that Mesh’ki’doreth “used” several dark angels, one of whom was Samael, to come to power and nearly “destroyed everything.”

Belial showed me that this Mesh’ki’doreth (if that is the entity’s real name) is beyond powerful. Powerful enough to make Belial and the other gatekeepers afraid. For this reason I do not believe it to be a conventional spirit at all. That being said, I do not know what the fuck it is, why the fuck it approached me months ago, or why it gave me incantations.

All I know is that the incantations this Mesh’ki’doreth gave me I have used blindly and have served to augment every ritual I have performed since they were given to me some months ago. I can’t stop using them. There is a power to them that I have only witnessed in entities of ascent such as Enkidorat (albeit in a MUCH weaker form.)
The power is difficult to explain. It is kind of like looking into a light that is too blindingly bright to register. Like bearing witness to a dark horse of a force that came from nothing only to absorb, usurp and surpass everything it came into contact with. It is terrifying and captivating at the same time.

I need serious help and I have a million questions. If it doesn’t come, I am paying for a consultation with E.A. and perhaps another with Kurtis Joseph. I feel this Mesh’ki’doreth could very well be one of the old antagonistic, angelic entities that has enslaved the human race under the guise of saving it, much like the angelic counterparts of the divs within the path of smoke.

Who the fuck is this looking ass, head ass, assing- ass Mesh’ki’doreth? Google has nothing. Does anyone fucking know? I have never even thought Belial to be capable of fear. Tonight, I felt genuine fear from him. He came to me to ask me for help. He wants me to help him defeat this entity. To somehow… kill it and help him bring about “true freedom and anarchy.” I have serious doubts if killing something like that is even possible.

I have further doubts as to why an entity as powerful as Belial would ask someone like me for help. I have only mastered one of the three godlike powers (evocation) and by no means am I a master black magician. I am literally nothing. On what planet could I possibly help an entity like Belial accomplish HIS goals? It is supposed to be the other way around. This has to be a game.

I got into magick to answer questions. Now it seems I have far more questions than answers. Help!

For the first time in a long time, I am genuinely afraid. Serious inquiries only.


Bro, give us those incantations and other shit you got from him?

Seriously though, why not evoke him yourself and find out more?


I mean, you have to let go of your fears because they might be coloring your perception of him.

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Sounds very much like it could be a Gnostic Archon, although uncatalogued. In case you are unfamiliar with the term - Archon is greek for Ruler, and the gnostics believed them to having enslaved humanity long ago to feed from their (our) emotional output. Oh, and the Archons gave us Reason, so that we could evolve as a species, so that they could feed even more growing stock of cattle. It’s just a thought though, but in my book the Archons are more powerful than our deities, daimons and gods combined.

If I may be so bold as to ask, but would you allow me to partake in this adventure? Would you mind sharing this incantations, publicly or privately? I do fully understand if you rather would not as it is a very personal matter though and I fully respect that. I just felt I had to ask, and maybe not being alone in exploring this matter would give you some peace of mind?


I am in agreement.

If this thing is an archon… I wanna fuck it up :joy:

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Stop assuming stuff about him (Archon this or that, Oh it’s evil)

Let’s hear its side of the story.

Hahaha no. I’m sorry but no. You dont get attacked and have imposters feed off you as many times as I have and not begin to take precautions such as assumptions.

My reason for agreeing its an archon is this:

"Man become God "

We worshipped those things as gods and fed them. They tricked us into thinking they created us.



You’re just attaching your own cognitive blinkers and labels on a single term we don’t know the context for.

For all I know, this could simply be an ascended being who wants unlimited power.

But look, now some dude is trying to spread his fear and get everybody else riding the hysteria train.


Evil is an arbitrary and useless term in my book. Archons (if they actually do exist) are then just entities that need to feed, that’s all. Just like dogs. Or sharks. or… humans.

But you are correct. We should not assume, but rather establish rapport and ask it what it wants. Azi, if you encounter this Mesh’ki’doreth again - ask him/it/she/whatever to spell out it’s name for you so that you may learn more about it. Oh, and ask if it would like anything to drink. No one says no to a free drink :wink:


Also, I figure that the only real way to get “rid” of the archon-feeding-frenzy on your person is to ally with them. And generally speaking - who would you rather be friends with than one of the most powerful beings in existence? One that even the Gatekeepers as you say - fear? Just sayin’ :slight_smile:

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Hysteria isn’t what I’m in. I’m allowed to be protective of myself and those I love. By assuming this is an archon, I would have protections in place to keep it from harming me and those around me.

Do I think its evil? Nah. Do I think some beings couldn’t care for us and would just as quickly kill us as help us? I know so.

I’m not saying “this is this”, as I dont know what it is.

I said if it is an archon.

Speculation is healthy. I’m not telling everyone to stay away or to kill. I’m giving myself some ground to go off. When I evoke, I never have assumptions.


Oh and also, don’t sell yourself short Azi. Many of us were very unaware of our dormant capabilities for a very long time and I believe many are discovering their true colors, powers, and capacities still. You are far more powerful than you would ever imagine - always believe that. Social conditioning will have you believe you are less, but screw that! Social conditioning never helped anyone grow. And if good 'ol Belial himself asks for your help, it’s for a good reason I reckon.

If you so choose to fight this being, do so with pride in your stride, and know that if Belial want’s you to kill it, you are most probably not alone in that endeavor (although perhaps the only living breathing human heh). Be proud I say, and carry a big stick.

Godspeed, as they say ;D


Don’t give into your fear, choose to be captivated by this entity’s power. You have more control over this situation than you realize.

Again, would you be willing to share the incantations if we asked?


Hey guess what? Talking about fucking archons is getting the op nowhere.


And this is what separates you from the rest of the crowd. You’re someone that actually knows the game, unlike most of this forum. Predator and prey. This is what separates a man from a god. A reason I’m actually beginning to like you as a person. Evil is nothing more than a social construct. Once again, another concept that keeps someone from gaining power.


Ready to hop onto power already :wink:

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Dude he is making Belial afraid and you are calling him ass. Either you are more powerful than him or you are out of your mind. Just hope that he does not have a profile on BALG :joy: :stuck_out_tongue:
You might want to edit your post :slight_smile:


Well said!


Thank you.

Brother, we are living in dangerous times, we are present at a moment where there are so many fucking imposter entities around, alongside thoughtforms that honestly we don’t have time to shift our focus on entities that may or may not actually be legit.
Let’s focus on what we have already evident and available at the moment for us, please and not get caught up with circle jerking with thoughtforms or dick heads on the astral plane.

Also, Let’s keep some of our experiences with the Gatekeepers more secretive the more shit we throw out there about em the more bullshit your asking to come your way, some of you guys are practically begging to be toyed with.