Meshing Magick with your daily life

Hi Everyone

I’m curious to see how do my fellow members here mesh or merge magick with their daily life.

I mean we all have different schedules, occupations, sources of income, interests, professional & social obligations, relationship & educational commitments, etc.

How do you plan & execute your magickal practices and studies around all of that ?

How do you put together your schedule with that in mind ?

Do you make time to meditate first thing in the morning or just before going to bed ? or do you just do it whenever you feel like it at any point during the day ?

Do you arrange to do your rituals during the witching hour ? if yes, how do you adjust sleep & work accordingly ?

If not, do you do rituals whenever you feel like it or when you have free time ? or do you go by the planetary hours ?

Have you established a balance between your magickal life and your mundane everyday life ? or have you chosen to take an approach that favors one or the other ?


Defiantly meditate first thing in the morning
I can’t meditate at night I fall asleep easily at that time :sweat_smile:
And because i love reading i read lots of grimoirs and practice some spells :blush:


I’ve been terrible with trying to get the work i want to get done. Then I realized I had the wrong attitude. If it really was that important to me I would make time and stop trying to find time. I heard that somewhere that if you are really passionate about something and it really is important to you will make time for it.


Yes, anything can be done so easy and effortless if it comes from your true desire.


After awhile there is no distinction between pedestrian and Magickal life. I’m a Magician – full stop. Still struggling, as the road is long.



Absolutely ! this is what I’m aiming for as a new practitioner, so i’m interested to see how those who are more experienced and more advanced than myself manage to do so

OK. One tried and true method is chant, calling in entities by chanting. I made myself a set of divided stone chanting beads with a pure silk ribbon.

Learn evocations and deliver these in screaming whispers throughout your day.

Deliver the following prayer every morning and at night:

“Oh Self that I seek to become, open your mysteries to me. Rejoice in steps to overcome that which hinders me, bless my serenity in accepting that which I must suffer to change me and energise my Magickal curiosity that I may know the difference. Let my view extend beyond time and space!
Hail, my Self-to-Be!”

Research, obtain and use Taro cards at least daily. The research bit is really important and easier with the internet.

Buy an inexpensive, hardbound Magickal Journal and use it. A blunt pencil is better than a sharp memory any day.

Learn a banishing, then an evoking ritual.

Learn how to adopt the Elhaz rune position with palms facing upward. Do this barefoot on Earth (soil, grass) the first few times if you can, until you get the hang of calling energies in and directing these – always with straight arms. Never bend your arms! After all the energy is gone my palms tingle and itch so I shake them like I’m shaking water off.

There you go. That should get you started.



I agree with you 100% I was going through the same thing.

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There are about a million things I usually have to get done during the day, so I do what I can when I can and try to incorporate aspects of my practice into my day to day activities. Only a hand full of things are consistent on a daily basis.I perform my daily morning incense invocation as I tend to my garden in the summer (makes for awesome energy transference). If it is winter, it happens in the morning as soon as I wake up while I tend to the plants I bring inside. When I cook I like to charge some of my food before it is served.

My fixed point meditation happens while I am in an ice cold shower. Nothing gets you in a hyper focused state like observation under cold water. Standard meditation can occur any time in the day I find myself with a free 1-20 minutes, if not, a brief one before evening exercises (physical and spiritual). When my family goes to bed I begin whatever ritual work I am doing or continuing.

Not as often as I used to. I still do, but my daytime schedule starts very early and is demanding, so being up at 0300 on a regular basis is not conducive to positive results.

Sometimes.[quote=“Adonis9, post:1, topic:17256”]
Have you established a balance between your magickal life and your mundane everyday life ? or have you chosen to take an approach that favors one or the other ?

I never really gave it much thought. My family is happy and so am I, so whatever balance I have found works but was not intentional.


Standing altars for spirits you work with a lot help, it keeps the connection “live” and you can also create portals on walls, even the ceiling, through repeatedly scrying a specific spirit in that same location. Over time it weakens the “normality” (for want of a batter word) and creates a live link to that spirit that’s easier to open than starting from scratch.