Merlin and druidry

Is anybody here familiar with Merlin or druidry in general???

If so then what is the path of druidry like?? What does it offer???

Merlin was thought to be a fictional representation of Cernunnos a Gaul deity also said to be Hu Gadarn.

as for druidism, it’s very similar to shamanism with minor differences, what you gain is what you set out for.

Personally I walk the path of druidism but in my own way rather than any other group’s reconstruction of it.

@Mulberry if she has some time might surely add important insights to druidry. :sunflower:

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Merlin is not a person, it’s a title. The Merlin is the Druid that advises the King. The most famous and perhaps greatest Merlin was Taliesin.

The Mabinigion is the Welsh text that bring us teaching stories, that carry encoded within them how to learn the magick. Other ancient texts are gleaned for information, and after that, like the Norse path you are free to bring in your own personal flavour.

Like the Norse religion, Druidry was both decimated by Christian invaders, and captured on paper by them. Today many groves and organisation exist that use a reconstructed version, and while they differ in the details, the main tenets hold: Druidry is a nature religion that does not demand worship, values honesty and integrity with a relationship with the Land, the Sea and the Sky. It is often called Celtic Shamanism.

My preferred organisation is The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD), built mainly by Phillip Carr-Gomm. I found him to be one of the wisest men I’ve listened to.

As a spiritual path, learning Druidry often start with the Bardic grade, which is about learning the history, songs, and getting in touch with your subconscious to develop physic abilities, the Ovate grade moved on to using and developing those abilities more towards the outside world, with divination and practical magick, the Druid grade is about applying all this with justice and wisdom as a spiritual leader.
Druids work with the Celtic pantheon as both actual entities and psychological archetypes, if you follow that train of thought for personal understanding.

Velenos already linked OBOD’s web site, here’s another that talks about the gifts of Druidry.

Damh the Bard (pronounced Dave the Bard) wrote an amazing song describing Merlin (Taliesin), who is believed to still be alive in some form or other today: