Got your attention? Yea I’ve read a bit into it so I was wondering what you guys know about this Merkaba
I’ve had some Angelic Beings suggesting I should activate this force
but i’m kinda clueless about it now


I believe Merkabah is Qabbalistic Transcendent magic.

Merkavah. The mystical Chariot of God.
A lot of purification is necessary, you must be free of idolatry, incest, sexual crimes, bloodshed, slander, perjury, desecration of the Divine Name, harshness, insolence, unfounded hostility. Additionally you must keep all positive and negative commandments.
A danger is too much pressure on the endocrine system. Another is ignoring angels commands or trying to force your way through.
There are seven heavens to the Throne of Glory. If you mistake the sight for the idea in the seventh, they will consider you an idolater.
There is a meditation posture you will need to use.
You will have to recite a preliminary invocation 112 times. Blood will be on your head if one more or less.
Suriyah will be your most help. He is also been named Metatron and Enoch.
The Yeridah are the seven heavens, Vilon or the Veil is the first.

It is a fairly major working.

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Look up drunvalo melchizedek he has that in his flower of life books in more detail, but the basics are here

With all due respect to Fuego you don’t have to be super holy for this.
I mean yes you’re right the jews have a similar thing but you can also skip all that and get straight into it.

Also check out his videos on yt