Mercy Killing

So a relative’s spouse has parkinsons disease and is extremely depressed. They have nothing to live for and they are just miserable. I was wondering which entity I should use to euthanize them. I was considering Saint Michael. Any other suggestions or advice?

If you are going to ask an Angelic spirit, why do you not ask Raphael first about whether something can be done about it?

Is the condition is really so severe that to euthanize them is the only way?

If you use magick to euthanize it may result in her suicidal. As youll make her more inclined to death. Id instead evoke some for her to live to the fullest till dead

Samael is the Archangel of Death. Use him.

[quote=“Kokuto, post:2, topic:1805”]If you are going to ask an Angelic spirit, why do you not ask Raphael first about whether something can be done about it?

Is the condition is really so severe that to euthanize them is the only way?[/quote]

I can’t communicate with spirits really, only activate sigils. I don’t want to prolong a despondent life and I was asked by another family member to end their misery. This wasn’t my decision really, and I’m honestly quite neutral about the whole thing.

If you think that Raphael can make their life worth living then I will try that, if not I am going with Samael as per Zecharyah’s suggestion.

This is his sigil correct? I use white candles for this operation? Or black? I have read that he is a fallen angel

His name will suffice. I do not know his sigil. Black candles of course. You may want to call the guardians of said sufferer and have them lay down their shields. Also vist the person on the astral and help ensure a smooth transition into death and rebirth.

You could work with any psychopomp to help this person cross over. You could look to whatever type of spirit this person is comfortable with and will identify with as well as their ancestors to comfort and release this person from their suffering.

As far as Samael is concerned the sigil will be fine, candle color is of little importance, if you choose to use black to identify with his death aspect that is fine and white would be suitable as well dealing with the angelic aspect.

There is a lot of debate about Samael if he is a fallen angel or not, this depends on what paradigm your using. Use the sigil and try to feel the presence of the energy your wishing to use and you should be fine. Don’t over think this stuff as it will only create doubt and confusion which is counter productive to what your trying to accomplish. Best of luck.

Samael is a little harsh Imo If you’ve ever worked with him he is…Intense like a serial killer is intense lol id definatly use him on an enemy but not a loved one

Id use Azrael and i say that with no self promotion he is just a little more kind and i think Euthanasia might be in his portfolio a bit more than Samael (No offence meant to the others)

Although looking back on my Workings with both retrospectively …they may be the same angel …ill actually have to look into this …even so just to be safe id use the name Azrael or Azriel to evoke or contact (Just my opinion)

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Thank you all for your input. I did a tarot reading about the operation and I got negative warnings, so I am going to try Raphael initially. If there is no noticeable change I will use Azrael. Thanks again for helping my family in a time of need.

Stop being such a pussy and just put a plastic bag over their head, or run a hose from a cars exhaust into their room. Or… just stop pretending you can do anything effective besides “activating sigils” and let things be, hero.

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I wanted to point out how emotional you are and unable to deal with such emotions. Reacting on them with a desire to kill a family member, for your inability to handle them when perhaps their own suffering is something they can either deal with and or accept, or utilize the options I provided. Dry your tears. :slight_smile:

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