Mepsitahl's sigil in the complete works


Hey. I was just reading through the Works of Darkness portion of the complete works and am at the part about scrying and it seems Sastan and Mepaitahls sigils aren’t shown. Sastan’s is easy enough to find because…it’s the complete works obviously, lol, but does this mean I have to get Konstantino’s book to get Mepsitahl’s sigil or is there a place in the book with all sigils listed? I checked the table of contents, but haven’t found anything. I never read the original works of darkness, so I don’t even know if it was in there. Just seemed kind of out of place. Lol. Definitely not complaining. Just wondering if maybe there were some licensing issues or whatnot.


I don’t know if this will help, but you can find it online:


I wonder why her sigil isn’t in the complete works since she helped EA perfect scrying…


Well the sigil of her should be in scrying section of WoD,isn’t it there?


Well there is about two pages about her and working with her in chapter 8 Gaining the Dark Sight, I think it’s called. But her sigil is nowhere to be found. Atleast I haven’t found it any place in the Complete Works. It’s not a problem though, I’ll just put a photocopied page of her sigil from Konstantinos’ book, in between the pages. But I am wondering why it was left out.


E.A. had to get permission from Konstantinos to include Mepsitahl in WoD. I’m guessing that either Konstantinos was not asked for Complete Works or he didn’t consent this time. Although I may be completely wrong. It was just my first intuitive guess why that section wouldn’t be included.

Although logically this would not explain why Sastan would not be included, so maybe I’m way off base here.


Yea. So far she isn’t anywhere to be found. I was planning on putting it to use and was like WTF? Am I trippin? Lol. I found it on Google images. I may just print out a page and put it in there like Attis said.


He had to get permission?! Hold on, is that for real?!? How the hell do you copyright a sigil of a spirit… did he create it?! And we wonder why the spiritual arts are so defunct… REALLY?!


Yep. As I’d see it either he’d have to claim he’s a fraud just making this stuff up or forfeit any intellectual ownership of a damned sigil that belongs to the spirit if anything. I could just as well claim that I too contacted the entity and received the same sigil from it without ever having consulted ‘Summoning Spirits’ - the only way for him to respond to that would be for him to ‘admit’ he’s a fraud.


In some defense I would say that perhaps it might’ve been a mistake on E.A.'s part, primarily because Mepsitahl and Sastan are both featured in the original WoD. I can see why he would exclude Sastan because KoF is in the Complete Works (I wouldn’t know for sure, I didn’t buy the Complete Works), but he may have excluded Mepsitahl thinking he put it somewhere else in the Complete Works. However, this wouldn’t be the first time I heard of someone trying to claim sigil ownership, so who knows. It can be found on the internet, so as long as you can find it without extra pay, who cares?


True. But I figured it was probably licensing issues. Definitely not a major deal or anything, but just had a wonder if maybe I got unique copy or something. Lol.