Mephistopheles Invocation

I am a DJ by profession and beginner in occult practices. Want to try my first invocation. Kindly enlightening me on Mephistopheles and how to invoke him?

Welcome @Bronzeman

Where are you from?

Do you have any practical experience at all, or starting completely from scratch?

If you do have some experience, what have you practiced?

I am now starting, but i have read a lot, abd also dud a lot if studies, but no practical work. I really have to start invocation to know the full effects on occult practices. Thank you.

I am from Ghana. And I really need to know more before i carry on to invocations. Any help, Sir?

1st, I think it’s cool that you’re a dj.

2nd, I’d do something else before him. But that’s just me.

Still looking for an experienced friends to guide on invoking Spirit Mephistopheles. Need a Master or,a friend. I am very serious.

I come from Ghana, West Africa

Have you tried using the search function to research on other members’ experiences? There’s a great deal of information available on this spirit.

If you feel drawn to this spirit, and have no experience whatsoever then here would be a good place to start (beginners tutorials):

Good luck.