Mentor and pupil

Ive read some Texts about ‘activating’ senses and abilities by mentors in theirs pupils. From what i read it seems that mentor Channel energy through pupils and activating this way their energy system/chakras?
Am i correct?

There would be the way of creating so called “Elementals”, too. Created astral spirits of ‘low intelligence’. I am not able to create one but know this theoretically. You give it in by ‘birth’ the goal and the time of its death, too, so it my not operate against you if it gains too much intelligence with longer time of existence.

If you study and practice the Tibetan Buddhism that is standard practice. The Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism Tradition has a technique called the “Transmission of Light” within that practice where an authentic teachers/priests especially Tülkus whom are reincarnated great sages within the Tibetan Bon tradition and they carry power/spiritual authority from many previous lifetimes of practice and direct guidance from such Tülkus activates abilities/powers within the disciple. Example a Tülku activates a disciple’s ability to experience Dream Yoga i.e. opens up the disciple’s ability to have consistent Lucid Dream Experiences. There are similar spiritual precedents from in indigenous spiritual traditions throughout the world.

(Tulku - Wikipedia)

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