Mentioning Asmodeus in dream - special meaning or nothing?

So, I had tonight a weird occurence in my dream, which I don’t know if it means anything at all, or if it’s just because I’ve read a handful things here during the day.

Let’s say first, I’ve never evoked an entity in my dream by it’s name. As I read about the possibility though, I said to myself I’ll remember that for the next time I’ll become lucid. I had in mind though, to call a succubus or Lilith maybe. Nobody else so far.

I’ve never worked with Asmodeus or thought to work with him, either.

So, I dream and there’s my succubus Adda, appearing as she did previous days sexy and alluring. Every time, the focus is on another part of her body, as if little by little she wants me to remember everything well in the end. This time it was her upper body, especially her breasts area and she shows me her arms too, seeing that she is tattoed. Nothing of sexual nature (except that she were naked) in itself, but she was damn hot.

So, that moment my dream self says “Asmodeus, I want such a woman, and I’ll offer something in exchange”. As I say this, suddenly, 2-3 other women appear on the scene walking in with almost nothing on. Sexy, yes, but I try to look away from them, not having my eyes settle on any of the others, and turning my eyes back to my succubus, thinking to myself “I only want her”.

Do you think I actually really called out to Asmodeus? And why would I do that, if I’ve nothing to do with him nor thought to do so? And were the women appearing a response to this or should I pay no attention to this? Is this maybe a sign, I should work with Asmodeus?

Any ideas? What’s your opinion?

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The slightest input… from ANYONE could be helpful :smiley:

I’m desperate!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! (<- see all these exclamation marks? are they desperation enough to help poor jimy? lol)

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