Mental magic using elements

Here is how I percieve mental magic using elements…

Every successfull manifestaion is exactly like drawing the 5 pointed star starting from the spirit.

■ SPIRIT = I always peecieved spirit as “knowing” knowing that the reality is not what we percieve…awareness gaining new spiritual perspectives internalizing new concepts that give you the awareness
■ FIRE = After the spirit we came down (on the right below) to the fire element. This is the passion part no magic works without desire passion intention wanting crawing for it…
■ AIR After you have air (up left) -> Focus concentration being involved completely some may even relate the altered states to this element but I always percieve focus beyond the mind states. Sex magic works with focus but still you re not in alpha or tetha state…
■ WATER After we go straight to the point on the right…the element of acceptence or letting go or detachement…flowing…some people talk about the water element relating it to visualization as visualization molds reality like water is being shaped. This makes sense when you do remote influence magic…
Passion (fire) + Focus (air) + visualizarion (water)…
■ Earth so you come down completely. This element can be interpreted as reality changing outcome materializing but I see it as earthy worldly things that you can do to “push” a little bit your spell. I am a believer of = yes magic bends reality but when the opportunity comes to you it must be reached out. So I interpret the earth element as an action taken (usualy small action) in the moment of the manifestation approaching you…

After all you have the outcome in your hands so you draw a laststraight line to the spirit element…this represents thanking universe or the deity or entiry involved maybe…?

This is my general interpretaion of tdrawing the pentagram when I percieve the whole process passing through each element.

BUT there are also NON MENTAL spells for example a love spell which mostly uses the fire element…burning the phrase / the spell / the sigil using the fire element which gives it a brute force…here the nature of the spell is more of “passion”…

After many oriental spells consist burrying the spell to make it solidified as the solid groundness of the earth element…in this case it is more like a marriage spell…

So the elements can also be used individualy for doing a classical spell and giving it a powerfull nature…

BUT I like to look at a materialozed manifestation and find every element in the spell especialy in mind magic…


The elements used to be all I believed in.
Nature, the big bang.
Everything from nothing in a moment.
Through work, I met someone who collected precious healing stones.
She gave me one.
I bought some of my own including a Lemurian pendulum.
I found I could feel new energy. The energy made me feel good. More confident, fitter, healthier.
I could ask questions and receive answers.
I started looking up how this phenomenon worked and came across, Black Witch Coven, also, The Serpents key, and last E, A, Koetting.
I follow mostly E, A.
I found these 3 to be real and true comparing experiences I’d had.
I started getting deeper into divination, finding out and feeling the truth as I continued to learn.
I realised that the spirit of help was gemstone related.
I wash my stones in my blood and cleanse in the moonlight.
I have 24 stones that I keep with me always about my person.
I give them to people for healing and buy new ones to replace the given.
I have realised that depending on the person and their feelings towards me, I can cure or curse.
The, S is my connection to nature and elements through the stones.
Stones made by, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.
The collective spirit of these elements are my help.
And a good job they are doing.
I always think of Lucifer when I cast a circle and am thinking about Air.
Satan is the fire and brimstone. Water is leviathan and Belial is the Earth.
I don’t always cast with the elements.
sometimes it’s just sigil work.
I think about the elements always and try to balance myself.
If I’m over emotional I do something Earthy like gardening.
If I find my thoughts hard I work up a sweat exercising.
Thank you for reading.
Hail Lucifer

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