Mental image of Lucifer during meditation

This happened a while back when I meditated on Lucifers name and at some point during the meditation I saw a being who was cloaked in some kind of black robe or armour that was pitch black and his aura shined like the rays of the sun (gold aura felt like I was being blinded although it was a mental image.) with a trident in the background and a white thrown just behind him. And this phrase appeared in my mind
"He who is cloaked in twilight and shines like the sun"

Have you guys ever seen him take on this form before?


Usually when I see Lucifer he is naked but he does radiate that blinding light. Lucifer is a very balanced being between light and dark I would say. My guess would be the dark armour representing his dark aspect and his light the light.

A sun with a trident inside of it or going throught it when connected with Lucifer or Satan means magical initiation.Together the trident and sun represent the sun and moon. The sun always being there even when we can’t see it. Lucifer’s light of knowledge always shining on humanity waiting for us to call on him.

The trident the 3 prongs a symbol of a three headed dragon.This is supposed to be Zohak but I don’t really know about him except in Luciferian books he was a man that was granted knowledge and became a three headed dragon. Maybe someone can explain

But that’s a good sign to meditate on the sun with the trident in it.


That’s him in his Roman aspect as god of the sun . Lucifer existed way before the advent of Christianity


I love that quote. Describes him fairly well in my opinion.


Agreed, sounds like it could be pretty powerful if you were able to reproduce it as a drawing?


Or a painting :slight_smile:

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