Mental illness and negative attachments

I’ve suffered with depression anxiety and other issues most of my life. I’ve been on medication for over 20 years. NOTHING has given me relief until recently a psychic surgeon removed 3 earth bound spirits and two other negative entities from me.

Today an article came up in the news about a dog that mauled it’s owner when she had an epileptic seizure. I started to wonder…and googled epilepsy and possession. It’s commonly believed that seizures are caused by negative entities.

I feel like this could explain so much about treatment resistant people with all manner of mental and physical illness.

I was interested in everyone’s thoughts.


were you diagnosed as schizophrenic ?


I agree.

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Thank you that’s so interesting! I also believe medication simply traps one within their own body, along with the negative attachments, which feed off their energy, encouraging suicide as the ultimate energy hit.


Interesting!!! I’m a sufferer too. Have been for a long time and on medication that seldom works.
Think I’ll look into a psychic surgeon.
I don’t suffer from epilepsy or seizure but boy do I feel like ending it all some days🥺.

Can intone recommend a psychic surgeon here in the UK?


I’ve had in the past when I used to believe in the common (fake) god some folk come round (by invitation) and do some funky hocus pocus stuff to clense the house and my family. Nothing worked!

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Negative entities can definitely cause a wide range of illnesses, ranging from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I can recommend a book for you that’s great for protection. It’s Angelic Protection Magick by Ben Woodcroft:

The banishing rituals in there are a lot safer and simpler than things like the LBRP. That is if, you’re okay working with Angels.


I can I’m in UK am I allowed to on here?

What do you mean? Everyone is allowed on here. :smiley_cat: (I misread…My bad. lol)

Sorry I mean am I breaking any rules by recommending a psychic surgeon or am I allowed to do so :slight_smile:

Sure, you can recommend someone I’m quite sure. :grin:

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The person to ask if it is okay to post something is the moderator @Lady_Eva.


What did you want to do?

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Lady Eva it was whether I can recommend the psychic surgeon I used please

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Right, it may be best if people contact you if they want to know more, I’ll copy into I usually share about reviews:

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Thank you I’m glad I asked, I’d never want to be in breach of the rules as I have so much respect for everyone at BALG :black_heart: