Mental Download?

Ok it was sometime early morning around 7, I put on a massage video to watch and soon after close my eyes.
I wake up realizing I fell asleep then drift off again being woken by the sound of tiny small bells ringing. Lastly I drift off and then a fucking ad plays on the massage video! Ok damn I’ll get up lol!
So I lay down once more then for about 30 mins to an hour I’m getting random visions, one soon after the other, scenery, people, objects etc.
It was like an extremely light trance state, but for once I could interact with the visions. A bit of these people in the visions would turn and look me in the eyes from time to time (that’s happened before, but never this much in a single experience.)
There was a woman wearing lingerie in one, but looking back I believe she appeared so I’d tune in harder to the next visions, because in one of them there was a disc rotating one way and I changed the rotation by thinking of it (this reminded me of astral projection or lucid dream experiences.)

I’m assuming these sort of experiences are what’s possibly referred to as downloads?

Looking *farther * back, it reminds me of the female entity experience in ways, except I wouldn’t consider this even close to the intensity.