Menstrual Blood Rituals

I think this is interesting and empowering to woman and spiritual working not sure about it want to research topic more. IF this blog is offensive to forum just delete it. Apparently the ancient Egyptians mixed with wine to increase spiritual power for working’s


Lot easier for women to collect blood for working’s compared to guys having to do it hard way imo


It’s fine! :slight_smile:

Awesome! Cheers

I usually welcome offensiveness.

I love to be insulted and humiliated because it simply strengthens my resolve.


Haha funny cheers, I was worried the post could offend a forum member. I reckon this is a topic everyone cautious of talking about?

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All I will say on this subject is, you’re thinking the right way. There is power there. I’ve received ways to use it to do certain things. But that’s not something I can share here.

As you work on your spiritual ascension, you will find more and more things unlocking for you. It all comes from doing the evolutionary work.

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Thanks for the encouragement, there is,power in it I’m researching topics ‘star fire’. Empowering to woman who are ones help charge the current

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I’ve performed ritual with semen and wine, and blood, but not with menstrual blood. I would defiantly do it, however my girlfriend has had her cervix and uterus removed several years ago, so she actually doesn’t menstruate now. We would need a third woman on her monthly to help out, which would be very cool.


apparently menstrual blood gives the strongest vibrations and energy force fresh blood from womb drinking the menstrual blood directly from a woman like fresh I think is taking it to the next level.

I’ve put the request in with a play partner of ours for a black magick sex ritual the next time she is on her monthly. She hasn’t read my Facebook message yet, but I’ll let you know how it turns out shortly…lol

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Cool you should both do it for ritual working then ritual sex orgy awesome enjoy

Sir Timothy is HARDCORE​:heart_eyes::cupid:


Is it wrong to love using my blood in rituals?

I’m actually dreading the big M and have asked President Marbas to keep me going for a while yet so I can at least freeze some of it for future use. This sounds SOOOOO WRONG but even when it’s not fully fresh it just feels really potent as an anointing essence because of whence it came - clearly not used for human consumption.

But as it’s from that deep dark secret within me, I’ve only recently started to appreciate what a gift it is and the Goetic Gods seem to appreciate it.

Ladies, other than freezing it, do you have any tips for keeping it for use?


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Soak some pure cotton or linen with it (no nasty artificial/petrochemical fabrics), or sheets of good quality blotting paper and let them dry thoroughly, keep them in a dry place as well, use small strips as incense. :thumbsup:

You could also infuse them in a large bottle of alcohol, like rum or brandy, I’ve not done that myself but it would probably work as an offering.


That’s brilliant - I used to do the alcohol thing with fruit but blood takes on a totally new dimension and could be used in other interesting and creative ways… :thinking:

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