Menstrual Blood in Resin Pendants

Hi everyone, for days I was drooling over orgonite pyramids on Youtube.Then I kind of figured, that isn’t our menstrual blood a form of power to carry around too?So I added some drops of blood, some dry basil and some nice smelling rosemary essential oil to some epoxy resin and created a pretty nice pendant with lots of copper coiled around it.

My theory is, that I can carry the power of my moon blood anywhere I like.I dedicated the pendant to hecate who I also offered chicken, rice and green lentils at the crossroads the same night.The moon was between 99.8% to 100% and this was the border time between Sunday and Monday (the day of the moon/day of the amazing Hecate)

I am not the type to lust after results though.I am just to trying to see how the whole pendant harmonises with my own magical current.Too early to say anything but I am in love with it ever since I have been wearing it since this morning.
Maybe its the comfort I feel inside?
Any thoughts from my fellow community members?Is there a way I can make the pendant more useful and effective in my works?


Greetings Lotus and Daughter of Hecate.
It is most wonderful to read your weavings with the Goddess. Indeed you have been inspired. For crafting an amulet from the Menses is an ancient form of majick. Well done and great listening!
Your cross roads work usually takes 1 Moon cycle (29) days to begin to see an effect. The moment you even begin thinking let alone preparing for a “Cross Roads” ritual. The current begins to infuse with yours.
Hecate is a powerful source and force of energy. She can be gentle and she can be fierce. Patience and deep listening is the key. Especially with Goddess Majick. You must continue to bring offerings to this cross roads and continue your offerings at your home Altar. Once you begin “feeding” the spirits it is important to make this a part of your daily practice. The more offerings and feeding of your Goddess, God, Spirit, _________ (fill in the blank) the results you will receive.
Have you seen the Hecate Ritual in the Sorcerers Secret by Jason Miller ? Highly recommend for those who are choosing to weave with Hecate.
Blessings to you my fellow Sister and Daughter of Hecate. May your path continue to blossom.


That was such a lovely message, I was beginning to get sad no one else worked with menstrual gifts for Hecate by now.

I do plan to leave something nice for her as often as I can,She is in my thoughts and I whisper her name often x

We are all her daughters indeed.She is our great mother.


Yes we are Sister. Yes we are.


Any opinions on the legendary ‘Friends of Hecate’?


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No idea about the cult or the controversy but I guess we are all related to Hecate :slight_smile: she is the Our mother and our guide.The group you are referring to, would you have more info on them? Are they still around ?

About my discovery of Hecate
When I was a child and I used to grow anxious I used to see an old lady smiling at me and sitting on a rocking chair saying that everything would be ok.She had a friend the same age who never spoke too much.

For a long time I thought I was probably nuts and depressed hence my imaginary friends had shown up.Looking back now, she was guarding me in ways I cannot imagine.

After I read up on Hecate I figured it was her in her guise as a crone.

She is still around me , solving my problems day to day. All of us have been watched by such guardians as children.


Hello Sister and Daughter of Hecate.
I too, have had encounters of Hecate appearing to me. As child, mother, crone, and several birds. Sometimes she speaks to me on the winds. Usually late at night. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us.

Hail Hecate !

Friends of Hecate…
in reference to
The Furries of Fire
Gorgons of Water
Graces of Earth
Morae of Air


The hell hounds ?

With the help of mother Hecate I made my first successful flying potion with belladonna two days ago.

By the way would you know anyone who can help me with mandrake roots or powder ? I need the real deal not the American one.

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