Mending Heart, journal of passion and magic

Same, I had another friend leave, I enjoyed speaking with her often

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It’s been a while glad to see you back.


Thanks Angel

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Oct 3 2021

Strang dream, I was in some sort of tree fort, maybe it was circular, and a large hole in the center with beams across.

A small black snake on one side, and a black fat tail lizard on the other, and I can recall the song jumper from third eye blind was playing.


Oct 26 2021,

Did an invocation of Belial, using the Belial's Gateway Symbols and felt pressure around the crown of my head, I applied a drop of my blood to Belial’s sigil. After doing so I noticed one of the four candles I was using, the flame grew really high. I asked if it was Belial and to move the flame to the left. It was barely noticeable but the flame had leaned left, before centering again, and thanked Belial for his presents.

I sat in silence for a few minutes after chanting his enn, and asked to invoke him, feeling his warm energy.

I look foward to soon being able to hear his voice again.



Funny, a few co-workers have pointed out that I work too hard. Even customers have said so. But you want a sink full of dishes cleared out in record time, I got you.

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I posted a few pieces that I’ve created, and just wanted to offer some more, and special request if you like, just PM me.



Waw. I know this is old, but waw. I didn’t read this before. Evoked Belial almost 3 months ago. Heard something strikingly similar from him: “You can have him. You can get whatever you want. But no, he’ll never be who you want him to be. And if you think you have no power right now, wait until you’d be with him. Your choice”. Which makes me think that all my doubts, if there were any left regarding contacts with spirits, should be out right away.


Sorry I bumped on your journal :sweat_smile: Those designs are beautiful btw!

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awesome reaching out to Belial, I’m about to go into ritual with him.

Hail Belial!


Thank you

I love your artwork!

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Oct 30th 2021,

The same card has been popping up, “the tower” I used three decks, the nine of cups was reversed, and got the ruin card, “king of spades” the picture showing a ruined tower.

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The Nine of Wands R
The Queen of wands

Feeling the struggle, but I know I can accomplish what I set my mind too.

I was doing a card pull meditation, but these two wanted my attention. I was just going to draw one, but these two jumped out while shuffling, but they do speak to me


Message from the cards or bad shuffling skills


Trying a new avatar based off of the 7 pointed star of Belial

This is the original.