Men and Lady Lilith: The magick work vs the myths

Greetings, BALG family. I’ve posted some threads about my work with Lady Lilith. Maybe some of you have read them. I am not a frequent visitor to this forum, but I am very thankful for the gentle and wise advice that some members of this family had given to me and that made me advance into my magick path with Lady Lilith. At this point, I want to share with you some doubts that I have about the myth related to the image of Lady Lilith as a goddess that hates men. In my research about her, I saw that the magick work with her is perfect for woman because she feeds their feminine side and motivates her to be free and never surrender under the male domination (about this, all who have worked with Lady Lilith knows that she refuses to be beneath Adam during the sex act, the reason she rebel against God and was exiled to the Red Sea)

Well, here’s where my curiosity starts to fill my mind. Are men able or allowed to work with Lady Lilith?
Considering this I want to know if a man could set a bond with the Dark Mother and turn his magick work into success on his ascending path with her. I want to read your opinion about this and know-how was your experience with her.

Thanks a lot for reading me and blessings to all of you!


I believe men can work with her.
A colleague of the Forum is male and did it & she came to me from her own this year visiting me.
I plan to work with her in the future.

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I work with Lilith intensively, I’m a man and I practice MGTOW philosophy. Her Draconian interpretation is the key to sex magick as a discipline, and it’s very red pilled, I would say that is the key to the liberation of men. Some may think otherwise, but success is my proof


I have worked with her for years and I am a man. She has taught me a lot about myself and many things.

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Men can most certainly work with mother Lilith. She is not as biased as some make her out to be. As long as you treat her with respect, she can be a wonderful role model, teacher, and friend. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot, Lucius! I am agree with you. Intuition and respect are the basic keys on the male magick work with Lady Lilith.

They can nurture feminine sides in males, and they have in my case.

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Thanks for all who are taking some time on talk with me about my post. Thanks a lot!

She’s a nice person in general, and she especially appreciates it if you lack a chauvinistic worldview.

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