Memory suppression?

I have been feeling sentimental recently and have been looking back on past magickal workings, wiccan mote it be spells, LOA, manifestation meditations and other magick things I’ve done that I thought failed.

Those were the first sets of magick I’ve ever done, like way back when I didn’t use a book of shadows or a journal to document the results.
Now that I think about it, many of those things I did actually did work, but I just didn’t notice.

The low effort LOA spell to get me the wife of my dreams at age 15, actually got two strangers to call me husband and the other to call me daddy in the online chat group me and my friends use (in a playful kinda way,not sexual) for a few months

not this(^) video but similar

A water god wish ring spell made my family get a small fortune, removed some potential threats and may or may not have improved my relationship with the local spirits.

Im not sure but I theorize the reason is that I let go of the results to the point that I forgot that I was even concerned with the matter.
Is there a more experienced BALG user who can give the real reason why I forgot all those spells and results.