Memoirs of a goddess




Set finds me laying on a blue blanket looking up at the stars, shining in the night sky.

He lays down beside me.

Whatcha doing Ari?

Watching the stars.

Oh, what are they doing?

Winking at me :wink:

Oh yea


Hey Set?

Hey Ari.

So Lucifuge got me to do this ritual, right.

Right. What did you do?

Lucifuge said… blacken your chakras and break them open.

You hold the stars
You hold the stars
You are the stars.
Become that.

The stars are yours.
Push your chakras out darken them.
Crack them open.

Open your seven seals and see what they say for you.

Do not be afraid. You will see your full power and strength.

Once you break the seals and read them you will be free.

Once you’ve read the seals push them away. Visualise them burning away.

Just above the crown of your head see a white star coming down and setting on your head.
The star is you coming down

Then see more stars circling your head
See the stars rotate around you.

Once you’ve done this and the star sits on your crown with the other stars rotating. .
Pull the big star into you. Pull it all the way in…
Pull all of the star into you let it comsume you.
Let the white blinding light of the star consume you.
Allow the star to burn… burn away everything.
All the star to become you and you become the star.
The stars that rotate will form your crown and they will be forever there, saying you are the Queen.
True Power, Understanding and knowledge awaits.

You see the truth not the illusion.

You are the Queen.

Set: Oh wow…

Ari: yea, what does it mean?

What do you mean, what does it mean?

What does it mean?

I think you know.

Yea but … What’s message in the message?


The message in the message is that you have a way with stars…

Yea but…

Ari, he said the stars are yours.
So I think that means you command the stars.
What you wish… will be done.

You think so?

I think thats pretty close.

But what if I mess up?

How are you gonna mess up?

I dont know.

Exactly. Stop doubting yourself, my Love.

Ok, I’ll try, my Heart. :sparkling_heart: :kissing_heart:


Set :black_heart:

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This thought crossed my mind when I mentioned creating a circle of honey.
Queen bee
Queen Ant.

Queen symbolism :slight_smile:


I feel called to bring this up. You mentioned drawing in stars. Black holes are created in a number of ways. When planets die and when star systems collide, to name a couple. As I’m typing this I saw 222, though whether the number is for you or me I don’t know.


Cool. :sunglasses:





You’re a beautiful person.

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Thank you so much :sparkling_heart:


She gets a heart emoji :heart:, you get a heart emoji :heart:, everyone gets a heart emoji :heart::heart:!!

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Some one stole my wallet. It had everything in it all of my information and cards and savings account shit. It had everything…
Who the fuck woild do that …i dont even have an id now

Just put a fucking gun to my head already and be done with it

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Never mind I’m live another day I found it :joy:

I just freak out over that stuff it has everything in it. Me and my kids … Just breathe :grin::heart:


That was intense lol. You ok?

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Yea I’m ok … I just literally freak out about that I’m extremely OCD about having my wallet and all my stuff together.

I called my son to see if he kicked out the car at school when I dropped him off. He went and looked and didnt find it. So I messaged him to tell him I found it. And he was having a panic attack too. :joy:

I need to calm my crazy ass down … :sweat_smile:

Some how it got tossed in the back seat and its black so it just blends in with everything :joy: I’m sure arianna didnt do it thought :rofl: