Memetically induced demonic possession

I know that sounds like a mouthful but her me out… first read this

a case of mass hysteria spread by social media.

as a black magician I know you can see where I’m going with this.

this will probably take much more research on how mass hysteria works so any books you know about the subject please post them here.
and this doesn’t neccessarily have to be a negative influence. I mean, you could make it like 28 days later scenario, or you could simply make it to where those influenced by the demon all perform a certain action, or pick up a certain taste. I see great potential for marketing and subtle mass induction into the occult(lol, conspiracy theorist are going to shit their pants).

this could be the virus of the new age.

but how would one go about this? I mean I have some ideas, but I want to get some other people’s first. see what you guys make of this.

I live in the Salt Lake Valley, where there are a lot of memebers of a particular church. I decided to have fun and created a thoughtform that mimics a virus. Its purpose was to alleviate people of thier social need to be part of the herd and have someone rule over them. It would spread from person to person hopefully getting them to wake up, leave religion behind and seek answers from within. No idea how that is working now, it has only been two weeks, we will see.

I dubbed it the “God Weapon” (cause it sounds cool). I see no reason why we can’t do the same for a demon.

Here’s another one that’s been all over the alternate media:

That affects adult men as well as hysterical teenage girls, which is interesting - I think people pick it up from seeing people like themselves being affected, so once you breach a tougher demographic and market it to appeal to them, it wouldn’t be so limited.

Our minds are attuned to always be on the lookout for threats to our survival, which is reasonable, but mass media brings them right into people’s homes to be consumed several times a day, they even carry their little devices round to “check up” on stuff, it’s all delusional bullshit but even quite sensible people think they’re doing the right thing and “staying informed” by having news feeds set up and routinely focusing on every possible threat all the waking day.

This is also somewhat relevant - the role of radio broadcasts in inciting the Rwandan genocide: &

And this:

the two former links are no longer valid for some reason… the medical student syndrom I find Ironic because I figured that knowledge of disease and the body would actually “prevent” hypocondria lol. I had no Idea it made it worse.

if this is somewhat based on mirroring(a normal human trait) taken to an extreme, I wonder if you could film a possesion for a certain purpose, and then release a fictional story of it being related to a disease? uploaded on youtube it has a strong possibility to go viral. and if you’re going for a more benevolent effect, just lie and say they are evangelical christians with a hard on for the spirit of god, or something along those lines. it would probably be often viewed in certain circles as “proof of god’s love” or some shit, which would be great as a subversive tactic(i.e. getting christians to drift toward the occult). then again, evangelical christian occultist would kinda be scary come to think of it lol.