I apologize in advance if this isn’t the proper place. Please delete this post if it isn’t appropriate, I don’t want to break any of the forum’s rules. I’ve been very active on the forum since I joined a few days ago. I’m absolutely thrilled to have found a legit occult forum. I’m happy to interact with other witches and occultists for the simple fact that I do not have people in my life in the occult community. I’m the only witch I know. So to me this forum is a valuable resource and a way for me to interact with other witches and practioners of the occult. That being said, I’d like to ask how does one get membership? I’ve noticed that since I’m not a member I can’t message anyone. Does this pertain to how long a person is on the forum or how active they are? Again, I apologize if I’m not posting this in the right place, and please delete it if it’s not appropriate. But how do I get the member role? Thank you in advance :heart:


If I remember right you have to have a certain number of posts before you can message other people directly


I’m just curious how to go from basic user to member, as I very much enjoy the forum and the opportunity of interacting with other magicians.

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When youre new you basically have to prove youre not a Spammer or a bot. I dont know the exact details, but im sure youll be able to message soon.

Membership promotion comes with how often you participate. The more you take part in discussion, the faster you will be promoted. Depending on how much you participate, you should be up to membership in about 5-7 days (or shorter than that, I forgot how long it took me but it was not long).


Perhaps maybe @Lady_Eva knows the specifics?


There is a certain threshold of activity needed to reach TL 2. It usually takes about a week if you are active to unlock, sometimes less. It all depends on your activity level. There is no set amount of time.


I’m mostly active in the necromancy section. But no worries, I’m sure I’ll get the membership soon. I was just curious. :slight_smile:

That nails it, just be active and it’ll unlock, it’s an admin setting to keep spammers etc off the forum. :+1: