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Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!

Thank you for rescuing my friend a week or so ago and thanks for helping me with my clairaudience. Let’s continue please.

Mike B


Hail Prince Sitri!
Thank you for attending my call and agreeding to my request. Thank you for that experience with you. I look forward to rewarding you after the happy results you promised.

Thank you Prince Orobas for being w me and helping w my communication w Prince Sitri.

Hail Prince Orobas!


Hail Belial! Demonic King! …King of Kings! I called you to attend me from the abyss, I asked you to stay a hand that was poised and raised against me and you have done precisely that. Belial, the one without a master I am grateful to you.

Archangel Uriel, my lightning thunderbolt, Archangel of the Most High thank you for never being far from me.

Lord Lucifer, mille gracias for a second chance.

Grand Prince Orobas, thank you for your constancy and your reassurances to me. I hope you approve of the pendant.


Thank you Belial. Apologies for not noticing you set me free.

Thank you Zagan.


Thank you Iaoth, Petahyah and Opiel for bringing me peace at the work place.

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After the first time talking to Lilith, she brought me a nice gift today.
thank you goddess Lilith :heart:

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I’d like to thank Haagenti and recognize her help in assisting me in liberating myself from a particular addiction of mine. I would recommend her to others for this and similar tasks.


Major thank you to President Buer.

I have a friend who’s dad suffers from severe diabetes, and drank and smoked very heavily. I performed a ritual to Buer to remove his addictions and to heal him of his diabetes to the greatest degree possible, and within a couple weeks he had majorly cut back in his drinking and smoking and his blood sugar was normal, when before it was 300 or higher.

Buer can help get rid of addictions and cure or greatly alleviate illness. He’s best with physical illness to my understanding, but can also help with mental illness as well, and can also alleviate chronic illness.

Seriously, work with Buer if you or someone you want to help suffers from issues like these. President Buer is a Mercurial Demon, and Mercurial Beings are known for their very fast results, and Buer is an example of that.

Hail President Buer!


Hail Prince Sitri and Mater Qalilitu! For much-appreciated help with personal and sexual magnetism, magickal power, and chakra opening. I love the feeling of the presence of these two spirits in my life.


King Vine (He likes it pronounced Veeneh)
His powers are immense folks.

He creates storms that bring down walls and fortresses (this is metaphorical- so think about the application)
Fortifies, intensifies, and develops magicians
He’ll break an enemy for you

And…last but not least…
He makes “vicious former lovers love you again.”

Thank you King Vine- for all of that and then some…


You should evoke him and find out for yourself :wink: .I did unblocking ritual with him and looking forward to work with his master key.This ritual is invaluable online on you tube,I encourage you to do this if you are interested here is the link

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Did you perform the ritual with them from VK page ?

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Hail Grand Duke Agares

Thank you for your assistance. I appreciate your efforts very much. I’m sorry I dropped the ball on my end. Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Mike B

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Hail Marquis Sabnock,

Thank you for your assistance in my project. You did excellent work please continue.

Mike B.


Thank you Raphael for maintaining my health.

Thank you St. Anthony for being good to me.

Thank you Poiel for being an awesome teacher and motivator.

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And thanks a lot to Uvall for the best orgasm in my life.:pray:t2::smiling_imp::heart:

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Thank you, Lord Lucifer.

Thank you, Lord Satan.

Thank you, Duke Dantalion.

Thank you, Duchess Bune.

Thank you, King Asmodeus.

Thank you, Prime Minister Lucifuge Rofocale.

Thank you, God Anubis.

Thank you, King Paimon.

I will work hard to craft the altar cloth and other items for the site.


Thank you Enki. Thank you Ishtar. Once again, you both were there for me through some very intense shit, as always, both as support and to keep driving me forward.


Thank you Bael.

Thank you Bune.:green_heart:

Thank you Gremory❤️


Thank you Queen Morrigan for not leaving me alone on this path , thank you Odin for your knowledge ,thank you Raphael for your hug and love :two_hearts::kissing_heart: also thank you babe succubi for being there for me :two_hearts::kissing_heart:

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