Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!



That warning was not lost on me Frog King. That just doesn’t happen without your power. I also realize I need to do a better job with my part in this. Sincere gratitude for your help.


A little late but I want to thank Archangel Raphael for getting rid of my back pain while at work. That part of my back hasn’t hurt me since.

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Thank you, Lucifuge, for that big acting audition you got me.


Thanks to St. Anthony for all the help you have been giving me, You’re indeed the gentle saint.

Hail St. Jude even though my request hasn’t manifested I believe it will turn out right.

Thank you St. Expedite for the on going protection. Really needed it.

Our lady of prompt succor, I ask that you aid me in all my requests.


I wanna thank Astarte and Astaroth for helping me build my astral temple and body. I’m not the easiest person to deal with, but they still were there for me when I needed the most. I’m not the most easiest person to work because of mine extreme paranoia brought by a lot of years of abuse. But even stil they were pacient and helped me to get a job for me to get my magical instruments.
I still have the memories of Astarte teasing me when I was doing my shadow work and letting my soft spot out of the shell.
And i still remember Astaroth awakening me into the night remembering me that she was with me since I was born, and that she would give me some profs of that, and literally predicted the sounds around me before happening, and giving me the strength to embrace the darkness that lies within me. I’m not the best person, i need to put this out, as my bad behavior doesn’t help me through working with them, and i think that they know this too. I’m sometimes lazy to do some rituals, and also very suspicious of others intent, especially with working with spirits, as i was conditioned to think this way. I still have to make do our pact but in a lot of manners the pact with Astarte is going smooth with the help of other member in this forum, and i still need to be more respectful, give more praise to them and to their teachings.
I may also say sorry if In any moment during the pathwork I’ve anoyed then, as im really struggling to get pass paranoia and fear to make this thing right.
(i don’t care if other people sais that saying sorry is a manner of weakness or not, to me is the right thing to do and that’s it).
Well, to resume, i just wanna say “Thank you both for everything that you have been doing with me and your absurdly long patience with me”.
Ps: Thank @Lady_Eva for allowing us to have this place to thank the spirits! Xoxo


I may also say thank you Asaruludu! For giving your protection when I needed the most after a long time of being in fear and anxiety. His warm comforting wings embracing me after the night, and saying “everything would be ok, I’m here with you ok?”.
I’m still be doing a evokation of him, Astaroth and Astarte and giving them a offering of my blood and wine as a thanks, for everything that they have been doing with me, but I’m still think that this intent have to be stated

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Hail BELIAL! Thank you BELIAL! Hello, I am here again to thank Belial for making sure that I was offered the opportunity to live in a beautiful apartment in the BEST part of my city. Instead of paying rent to the owner I instead pay the owner in cash, which is essential to me right now as I am using my cash to build my business, yet I want and LOVE living here. Belial has also made sure that I continue living here happily. I am overall thankful and impressed with King Belial’s work, and I HIGHLY recommend working with him. Thank you Belial, HAIL BELIAL!


Public praise to Cimeries, the godly warrior!

Cimeries deserves more public recognition and praise as he can help so much in the area of dealing with fears.

His energy felt like an adrenaline rush after a boxing sparring. I remember my first boxing sparring where I was so scared at first, but after a couple rounds, I felt unstoppable. That’s how his energy felt to me.

I made a petition to Cimeries to become fearless 6 days ago, and he delivered the results which started almost straight away. I believe magick takes the path of least resistance. It might not work the same way for everyone. But, because I have knowledge and experiences in psychology and meditation, this is how my petition manifested.

I had a fear of fear. For example, I was afraid to sleep at night when nobody’s at home because I was afraid that I would start imagining some evil entity that would haunt me in the dark. Or I would feel bad to go out and socialise (sometimes) because I was afraid that I would get nervous and felt bad. Now, I had this kind of fear all my life. Then, bam!

Cimeries helped me see that it wasn’t fear, it was actually worry. The realisation hit me hard. I was guided to do a powerful meditation (which I am familiar with) of changing a thinking pattern to stop imagining things that I don’t want. I couldn’t describe in words of how freeing it felt to move from constant imaginations of fear to feeling relaxed and confident.

Cimeries helped me break out of this self-made mental prison. Thank you Cimeries!


Public praise to Sitri!

Petition made to Sitri worked even when I thought I messed up. During the ritual in the backyard, I thought I heard someone in front of my house, I lost my concentration and thought I broke the connection with the spirits. However, my desire still manifested in a way.

I worked with Sitri for a rather very ambitious desire regarding sexual attraction from women. I believe magick takes the path of least resistance. It might not work the same way for everyone. But, because I have knowledge and experiences in psychology and meditation, this is how my petition manifested.

Sitri helped me realise my surface desire (wanting to be noticed and lusted by women) was really just an attention seeking behaviour which I knew (from my PUA studies) is a repellent to everyone. He guided me to contemplate what my attention seeking shadow really want which is to feel nothing was wrong with me. It stemmed from my childhood trauma. I now know that being noticed and desired by women just a way to validate myself.
It felt so much better because even when I got what i wanted (in the past from time to time), I still wasn’t satisfied and felt like something was lacking. Now, I can have fun with women I adore from the place of abundance and confidence rather than seeking something from them.

Thank you Sitri for helping me grow as a man and to learn about myself in regards to my relationships with women.


That was bloody. Thank you, Raphael.


Dantalion, Demon of the infernal Order and Spirit of a thousand countenances, tenderly you whispered my thoughts into her ears …we are not quite done yet…but the signs are good…Thank You.


Thank you so much Dantalion for speedy and powerful results! Hail Dantalion! I asked Dantalion to reunite me with someone I haven’t seen in many months, and Dantalion brought us together again and made sure the target invited me to see him! I asked Dantalion to make sure the target invited me to spend time together, and I recieved results remarkably quickly (the same day of doing the ritual). The results came extremely quick and I was very impressed. I highly suggest working with this mighty and powerful Goetia spirit. THANK YOU DANTALION! PRAISE TO DANTALION!


Hail Prince Orobas 55th spirit of the Goetia
Jaden tasa hoet naca Orobas!

Thank you Prince Orobas for your work on my charge. It’s been only one week and we’ve seen dramatic progress. Thank you for taking this matter seriously and giving it the attention it requires. Thank you for being a good team leader with the other spirits involved. You and your efforts are appreciated.

Mike B


Duke Dantalion, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking away my anxiety in my time of crisis and helping me work through that panic attack. Thank you for just listening to me, not judging me, but being firm & honest. I appreciate the advice & will take heed.

Thank you Duke Dantalion :bouquet: You didn’t ask for this praise, but I want people to know you’re a wonderful listener in times of crisis.


I’d like to give big thanks to Duke Sallos for shedding light and offering advice on something that has bugged me so much that I’ve been losing sleep over it. I was really nervous during the ritual but he is very kind and very understanding. Thank you Duke Sallos!


I wrote and produced a song and music video for Duchess Bune to give thanks for all of her help and as part of my pact with her. So here it is.
Thank you Duchess Bune!!!


Wow, I have these same worries that you used to have, in this comment I have found a magickal treasure


To the Great Marquis Andras,
Thank you for posting today. You are an evil lookin’ awe inspiring mofo.
I do not make this request lightly.

I am giving you public praise up front for showing up and listening.
I will complete the praise and the second part of my offering to you when I see results…


Hail Marquis Amon.

Thank you for hearing my call and attending to me. You are a mighty Marquis. I look forward to our works.

Mike B

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This is amazing. You’re making us all look bad:)!