Member's Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here!


Thanking Belial Azazel Naamah for doing what I asked … i have fridge full of vegies


Thank you Lucifer, Lilith and Naamah!! You are working wonders!!


Thank you to King Asmodeus for always having my back. Hail King Asmodeus, the king of demons!


Hail Freyja, Hail Vanadis, Syr, Gefn, Horn, Mardol, Skjalf, Gullveig, Heidr. Wearer of Brisingamen. Lady Luck. Blotere for the God’s. Rider of Hildisvini. Seidhkona. Owner of the Falcon Feathered Cloak. Goddess of Gold, Fair Tears. Frith Weaver, The Vanic Bride. Shieldmaiden. Hail Daughter of Njord. Hail Daughter of Nerthus. Hail Sister of Freyr. Mother of Hnoss. Mother of Gersimi. Wife of Odhr. Chooser of the Slain, Mistress of Folkvangr, Keeper of Sessrumnir. Hail she who is ever fierce, ever wise, ever cunning, ever beautiful. :black_heart::beetle:


Hail to Valfreyja!


Thank you the great King Asmodai!


Thanks for the Decarabia!


I thank the Belial King, you are formidable!


Thank you,Marquis Leraje, Duchess Bune and Prince Orobas. That was a lovely evening :beers:


Again!!! Another win!!! Thank you so much Lord Satan / Lord Lucifer, this time a slightly larger win. You truly are AMAZING!!! I’m gobsmacked that you found time to hear me and act upon it.


Thank you Lucifer and Leviathan for your gnosis of the Void.
Thank you Lilith for supporting, feeding/nurturing me and taking care of me on my ill days. You are like a mother to me.


Im thanking Prince Asmodeus here as part of our agreement to bring me a lustfull night!!!


Hail Tyr, God of Justice
You a Beast :smirk::smiling_imp::fire:

And Hail my Spirits, the Dark Gods, the Death Gods, and the Lwa!
Yall Always come through no matter what :smiling_imp:

Ahriman and The Divs including Zohak and Az Jehi :sunglasses:
Thanks for kicking muh ass into gear
Especially You Aigash and Vizaresh and Akoman


I’d like to thank the first 36 of the Goetic spirits I’ve bound to my service for serving me as well as they have.


Thank you, All Seeing Eye. For your guidance, power and support :slight_smile:



Thank you Valfreyja, Thor, Odhinn, Ancestors, Landvaettir, Alfar, elves, descendants and the forces that be for helping me with tonights full moon in scorpio and for helping me release negative ties, events and influences. Together, may we mive forward and grow in knowledge, wisdom and power.


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A week ago I was reading someone’s journal on here, don’t remember who it was, and it had a picture of a ring they found outside. I said sarcastically out loud you wouldn’t do that for me would you … A week later, look what I found on the streets…

Thank you.


Whatever gave you that: its a keeper! :heart:


Thank you, St. Anthony! I’m not even from a Christian background and I don’t feel particularly drawn to invoke any of the saints, but when I couldn’t find my car in the parking lot of a place I’m new to I recited a brief chant when I couldn’t think of anything else. Before that I had wandered around for 15 minutes searching on every side. Within 5 minutes of the invocation I felt drawn to the opposite side where I had been parked all along.

Now are there any spirits that can improve your spatial navigation abilities and sense of direction?