Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Hail Duke Dantalion, I’m starting to see it now.


Thanks Vapula and Andrealphus for helping me study more efficiently on my midterms. I got 100% for two classes (but have one more midterm next week, which I am not too worried about)


Hail Gadiel, thank you for bestowing upon me such great protection. Continue to be a strong shield of defense against all attacks.

Hail Zoroel & Sabriel, thank you for rejuvenating my energy and keeping me from burning out.

Hail Arzel, thank you for all your help, aiding me in connecting me with the entities as requested and performing extra work such that my requests manifests.

Hail Kadriel, thank you for all your aid in revealing hidden secrets and mysteries and for aiding me to know all things when requested.


Per invocations to the below, I give all four thanks.

  1. Melahel - Against weapons and for safety in travel. Governs water, produce of the earth, and especially plants necessary for the cure of disease. Courageous, accomplishes honorable actions.
    |23. Melahel|8th verse of Psalm 120: “” (Dominus custodiat introilum tuum, et exitum tuum: et ex hoc nunc, et in saeculum).

  2. Hahuiah - To obtain the grace and mercy of God. Governs exiles, fugitives, defaulters. Protects against harmful animals. Preserves from thieves and assassins. Loves truth, the exact sciences, sincere in word and deed.

  3. Hahuiah|18th verse of Psalm 33: “Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy;” (Ecce oculi Domini super metuenteseum: et in eis, qui spirant in misericordia ejus).|

Venus in Scorpio (day)
NABERIUS (MARQUIS) - Venus 0-30o Scorpio - November 13-22
The Twenty-fourth Spirit is Naberius. He is a most Valiant Marquis, and shows in the form of a black crane fluttering about the Circle, and when he speaks it is with a hoarse voice. He makes men cunning in all arts and sciences, but especially in the art of rhetoric. He restores lost Dignities and Honors. He governs 19 Legions of Spirits.

VAPULA (DUKE) - 20°-·30° Scorpio (night) November 13-22
The Sixtieth Spirit is Vapula, or Naphula. She is a Duke great, mighty, and strong; appearing in the Form of a Lion with Gryphon’s Wings. Her Office is to make men knowledgeable in all handicrafts and professions, also in philosophy, and other sciences. She governs 36 Legions of Spirits.


Hail Marquis Marchosias,

Thank you for your assistance, your advice and your watchful protection.

Respect and gratitude,

Mike B


I’d like to give my public thanks to Purson for speeding up the time I received a payment. I did a ritual to him in late September to have some money sent to me sooner than expected. Instead of taking the 6 to 8 weeks that I was told it would arrive, it ended up coming within 3 weeks…which will be of great help to me. So many thanks to you Purson :love_you_gesture:


I’d like to thank President Marbas for hearing my request (verbal petition) for healing of my knees.

After I verbally petition a healing stone that I had previously obtained that was magickally consecrated to him he came to me in a dream let me know he heard me and agreed to heal me.

I agreed to give him public thanks in exchange for the healing.

Now after only 3 days I’m more then 1000% better then I was before the petition and subsequent Dream conversation with president Marbas :grin::+1:

Before petitioning president Marbas if I moved my leg even to sit down on a chair I was getting a shooting spearing pain the would stop me dead in mid movement and make me gasp. It was bad.

Now the pains gone I’m having normal full range of movement in my legs and knees without any pain. It’s absolutely incredible how great a healer he is.

THANK YOU President Marbas for healing my knees and legs. :grin::+1: you’re the greatest!


my gratitude for Nitikah.thank you.
3rd time i use the cashbook and the money come at 3d day.
Also i want to thank Raphael,for helping with my daughters injure.


Lord For’tash , I ask that you aid my friend by removing the obstacles that stand in his way to success.


I want to thank, praise, hail and if they had dicks, blow, Hayiel, Hachtatiel, Yanvivael, Yofachtiel and Dantaylion (and sorry for always spelling it wrong).

I got what I wanted in a matter of hours (but to be honest, it was a “in a few hours or not at all” thing). Allegedly, it was always going to happen this way, but I’m sure it wasn’t, so either my memory is worse than I thought or this was some retroactive working they pulled off here.

Quite awesome. This group of spirits, this specific power of them, has never failed when I ask something.


Hail Ziz, the Bearer of Aeons. Ziz helped me by binding a toxic person from my past from visiting my city and potentially harming my own and another person’s sobriety. For binding, Ziz gets my highest recommendation. Adoro Te Domine Ziz!


Wow lol

I would like to take this moment to thank vapula, my studying has been going well and they have helped both my friend and me in studying.

I’ve been reading a lot on business and although it’s a lot to take in I have faith In learning.

Thank you mighty vapula!


I would also like to take this moment to thank Bime, my friend has the ability to fundraise money to be financially free, he just notified me today!

Thank you mighty bime, I definitely recommend this demon for helping fundraise money!


Special thanks to the man who has been with me all the way.

Thank you Raphael. :green_heart:


I would like to thank Amducias for having always bent others’ wills for me, thank Dantalion, and thank Haagenti for always fulfilling the inner transformations that I ask for.
Hail Amducias, hail Dantalion, hail Haagenti!


i want to thank Lucifer as i so fast to harm the person i ask.Thank you Lucifer.

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Big thanks to Lord Lucifer, lucifuge rofocale, Mephistophiles, Beelzebub, Astharot, King Mammon, Clauneck, Aeglun, Nitikah, Pazuzu and King Asmodey.


Thanks to myself and only myself.


Thank you Bael. That was something and by something I mean nothing…or was it?

Bune you have my gratitude and love.

Gremory you saved my sanity and brought me peace.

Andromalius thank you for all that you do.

Leraje, thank you for your help and instruction.

Sitri, I have not forgotten the lessons. Thank you for your help.