Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Thank you very much Zagan for making a friend see the error of their ways. A friend of mine was literally apologize yesterday.


Thank you Zuhal, for your support in times of grief for the family. I could feel your presence everywhere.

Thank you Leraje, Bune and Astaroth. A strange combination but I am grateful for your clues.


Nice, I’ve been trying to achieve this for some time. Can you advise what method you used?

Thank you Bune, for additional 500 bucks each month from now on and for an additional private insurance thats covered by my employer. Thank you for letting me accumulate wealth within the means of dignified work, contribution and skill; it makes the numbers much more meaningful to me.


Huge shoutout to Belial, King Paimon, Prince Seere, Duke Chenor and my Ancestors.

We secured a massive legal victory against corrupt government officials in court.

No one expected us to secure this.

This was practically impossible and they did it.

I’m floored!!


Thank you to Andrealphus who helped me finding the right program for astral projection. I got several experiences in two weeks :pray:t2:.

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Thank you Bune and Buer! I just discovered that my employers private insurance for me (that got activated yesterday) actually covers an eye treatment that my own insurance won’t provide because I am basically not blind enough on both eyes yet :sob: You guys really came through in an unexpected way, I’m sobbing :sob:


Thank you Vual for repairing my relationship with my first oracle deck, and to Anzu for carrying away what was needed.

It was a strange ask, but this deck had been riddled with some serious bad energy after the creator of it denounced all her prior work. It’s been over five years since I’ve been able to trust a reading from it.

Vual has been so helpful to me as of late with other things, more comforting than anything else. A lot of pain has been taken away. Thank you for all of that as well.

I want to thanks Hecate for guiding me and being that formidable teacher that I always wanted. She shared me many insights and help me commune with spirits. One of her helps was to told me what could I offer to Zepar as a payment, she said that a good sensation of orange juice and an apple would be a hell of a gift. So many thanks to you Moon Queen :key: ☽:new_moon:☾ ⛨ (she also told me to thank her more in this site, since my last post in this topic was very popular).

Many thanks for you too Zepar :national_park:𓄿𓄿𓄿:rock::cloud_with_rain::flower_playing_cards:, I hope this is just the beginning of an aliance

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Thanks for one more time to the mighty Bube. Fir being a great supporter, standing always by my side.

Okay, this has taken weeks.

All praise and honor go to the great and exultant King- Belial in Excelsis!!!

He who was formerly called worthless has shown again his very great worth, and precious in our eyes are his mighty deeds.

For when a man in his last hour was losing a woman to another man, he intervened in the alotted time, for many weeks, and combated and curtailed her attempts to leave, and on the contrary on two occasions…erotically bound the woman to the man.

To those demons and spirits called upon to aid, but were not promised an offering, I offer thanks to first, Lord Lucifer, the fierce Abaddon, my mother, Lilith and the venoms and medicines of Medusa, mighty as an astral alchemist.

And I also couldn’t do it all without the aid and consolation and counsel of my counterpart, Mortiana, the true darling of my eye and guider of my hand.

Hail King Belial! Hail Lucifer! Hail Abaddon! Hail Lilith! Hail Medusa!

And thank you Mortiana for being trustworthy and trusting me.


Many thanks to… I actually have no idea who, but this does not feel like a coincidence

One was a muck around involving a pizza delivery i should have been refunded for. The company were insisting they wouldnt refund me. That was several weeks ago.

The other was my old laptop. It packed up before the warranty period expired and the shop mucked me around until after the warranty period expired and then thumbed their noses saying nope, too late its expired. This was about april or may. I was going to do something about it back then but got caught up with other stuff.

Yesterday the pizza company contacted me out of the blue, reversing their position, apologising profusely and offering the refund.
Today the computer shop contacted me after months of no contact, also reversing their position, offering to refund me the entire amount I had paid and apologising profusely.

Two such similar and extremely unlikely things back to back… gotta be something.

The only ritual I can think of that may possibly have been related (possibly), is a general protection ritual I did a couple of days ago which involved calling in seven archangels using Connor’s antiversal seal. Maybe they were protecting me from getting ripped off? I don’t know, just speculating there.


My appreciation goes to all entities I have ever contacted more resent to
And to the Ancestors :pray:

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Which ritual did you use? Did you feel anything strange?