Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

This is my public thanks to Dantalion.

I petitioned him with the first ritual from Winterfield’s Demons of Magick, to help me with a coworker who had been cold towards me for a while. Without going into too much detail, I got the sense that I offended her unintentionally.

In my petition, I asked for her to “think lovingly of me”. I had a good feeling during and after the ritual, although her attitude towards me didn’t seem to change for nearly a week afterwards.

After this, the way she behaved around me drastically changed. It was like a complete 180, and I hadn’t even changed my behaviour at all, making little attempt at talking to her. She seemed to look for ways to be closer around me, and to include me in conversations.

She recently left the job for a new one, and in her final days on the job, we seemed to get on better than we ever had before. I think her interest might have been more than just friendly.

So shout out to Dantalion for turning this situation around so well!


This is my public thanks to Orias. I used the partial evocation method from the Demons of Magick book and asked him to make this girl I met obsessed with me. He worked incredibly fast right from the get-go and each time we meet things just keep getting better!

Orias has also helped me learn better methods of manipulation and what to do to get what I desire.


This is my public thanks to St. Expedite for fulfilling my request and save me a big time. Hail St. Expidite

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He lifted a curse that was troubling my pet. Worked like a charm - her worsening health condition has started to dramatically improve out of the blue. I’m very thankful for his help. He’s a true master of hexbreaking.



Thanks King Belial

Thanks Belial for helping me become more dominant and have a stronger character.
First time I evoked him had one of the strongest paranormal experiences where Fire lifted up the ground in the form of an inversed tornado of fire while metal was melting from the censor without the metal getting melted like no metal was lost. At first was mesmerized and astonished appreciating what was happening in front of my eyes then I got worried as it could burn my house I asked him to stop and it wouldn’t stop until I yelled at him to stop, he stopped and then I clearly heard a laughter coming from him. It seems that he already knew what I was going to ask from him, I asked him to make me more dominant and to help me grow a stronger character and he did, pretty much in the way like we first met.

He made me face a lot of circumstances were people would try to step in my boundaries and had to step up, while doing it grew as a stronger man. He also made me face circumstances where everybody was fucking up bad at the job I had at the time and the only person there that could solve everything was me, at the time this situations would make me angry because I thought people where acting really stupidly but these situations forced me to step into leadership positions and grow as a man in character.

Thanks King Belial!


Thank you Verrier. You assisted with the finances and the property. You are awesome.


I would like to make a public thank you to Pomba Gira Maria Padilha for hearing and answering my prayers concerning my son. Thank you for always being here for me. I truly appreciate all that you do for me and my family. :heart:


@Meliskl40 I have moved your gratitude post into the spirit thanking thread :slight_smile:

Thank you Bune for walking with me all my days. I’ve never felt more supported. Especially when I was an idiot.

Thank you Gregory for constantly going above and beyond in helping me heal. Thank you for the passion and the joy.

Thank you Foras for bringing my best friend back to me. You are amazing

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I have to give some public praise to Belial for helping me out in a big way.

The past year or so I’ve been struggling with college due to a whole array of issues. Between my classes being extremely difficult, me losing all motivation, becoming too fatigued to even do my homework and having to deal with endless bullshit outside of college it was looking like I was never gonna complete my degree. I’ve posted about that on this forum before too.

I tried doing magick to get the help I needed but I was focusing on the wrong things and it didn’t work at all. Out of me not knowing what to do I decided to petition Belial using the Demons of magick book. I thought if Belial couldn’t help me then nothing else could possibly help me.

I made the most shot in the dark petition ever, asking if he could help me get my college degree, I did a bad job at the ritual and it WORKED. Ever since doing it I’ve regained my motivation and my energy. I have the ability to study for 10 hours straight now easily and it’s what I’ve been doing everyday.

My classes are still really difficult but what I have right now is half the battle. Litterally one more succesfull petition could save my life. You guys don’t even know how much of a miracle this is for me.

Thanks, Belial


Lucifer…what a journey we’ve been on. Just to think, I began my journey with you a little over a year ago. I asked you to make me fearless, and you encouraged me to take initiative to become that. The mountains I’ve braved…each one grand, then grander than the last. I’ve truly transformed. Alllll HAIL!


Hello, I have made this account for the initial purpose of giving a shout-out to Dantalion. I was connected to him through a skilled warlock and called upon him for an urgent matter to change a person’s thoughts in an instant. He delivered! So I owe him a public thanks!


Many, Many Thanks to Queen Hekate, King Lucifer and Duke Amaymon for resolving my housing situation. You all were truly amazing and saved me a lot of stress and anguish. Hail Lucifer! Hail Amaymon! Io Heka. Io Ho!

Just want to express my gratitude to King Paimon. The fact that he answered the call and welcomed me with open arms means the world to me


Thank you Bune. You are AMAZING. I’m humbled and grateful beyond words.:green_heart::yellow_heart:

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Thank you Duke Dantalion. You have always helped me and I hope you will always be there in the future. Hail DUKE DANTALION!


I want to thank Haures and Glasya labolas. I was tasked with harming a bad man in the U.K. This man was set on fire. Apparently a book of matches mysteriously went off in the man’s pocket burning his thigh and hospitalizing him. I used the goetia path working book


Thank you Lord Lucifer for the winnings in stock market,I surely did feel you influenced my mind to invest.From being skeptical to making decent amount of money on stock market (being a total beginner).I thank you and hope our relationship strengthens and deepens with time :slight_smile:

Lots of love and respect

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I appreciate you Verrier. Since you came into my life, several doors of opportunities have opened for me. I look forward to a long-lasting deeper relationship with you.