Member’s Successes & Thanking Spirits - Do It Here, Part two!

Thank you Asmodeus, for freeing me from my abusive husband.

It’s kind of weird how this happened. After my initial petition to Lilith I started getting a LOT of signs from him- seeing his name everywhere mainly but dreams too. It wasn’t making sense because my petition to Lilith was about protecting me and bringing my marriage to an end, so why am I suddenly seeing Asmodeus everywhere I look? A crazy idea popped into my head the other night and I asked Lilith if she was sort of ‘referring’ me to Asmodeus to finish the job.

I got a pretty instant “yes”, so I evoked him and boy did he ever come through. Right now it’s literally 24 hours after I called on him, and my husband has rented a truck and will be leaving within a week. I did not expect anything to happen this soon but it felt like the King was chomping at the bit, flexing his pecs, just waiting for me to say the words. Got a strong sense of “yes yes, lovely formalities, now let me go do it!” while I was making my request. lol. I asked him to make my husband leave, make him cheat on me or just do something that would give me a solid “out”. Asmodeus caused a fight to spark up out of nowhere earlier today, made my spouse say some truly unforgivable things(worse than he’s ever said before), and every demon I’ve worked with on this just worked together to keep me strong and determined enough to ovary up and end the marriage.

Mind=blown. Just one month ago I was scrambling to find a spell to make him fall out of love with me and leave on his own because I was too scared to end it myself. But Orobas gave me confidence and strength, Bael kept my exit plans secret, Lilith protected me during everything, and Asmodeus handed me the “out” that I asked for.

It never ceases to amaze me how demons always come through. This tiny insignificant speck of a human simply asked for help, and multiple demons stepped up to get shit done. I have such love for them and am grateful from the bottom of my heart :heart:


I love this. Referrals. Awesome advice from Lilith led to the solutions you need.

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I want to thank all the spirits I have worked with and work with now, that includes: Lucifer, Lilith, Bael, Marbas, Sorath, Beelzebub, Azazel, Bune, Odin, Maitreya. Thank you all for guiding me to making better choices, showing me how to live better and thank you for all of you help over the years. It has been very exciting so far and seems to be getting better, I’m greatful for how meaningful life has become.


Ooh I almost forgot, thank you Marbas as well for my physical healing :heart:

I had a huge ovarian cyst(sorry tmi) for months and at my scan last week it was GONE! No surgery needed anymore.


My deepest thanks to Vassago. I’ve never worked with him until recently, maybe because he is a rather underrated spirit IMHO

. I am at a stage where I constantly lose stuff, mostly due to a very active toddler who loves messing with mummy’s prized possessions. His last trick is playing with my phone and dtopping it anywhere if the battery dies.

So this happened - my son hid my phone and without battery Google Find my Phone is useless. After turning the house upside down and trying every spell and my trusted spirits, for a while day, even Seere
who never failed me wasn’t helping. The next day, in desperation because I need my phone for eork, I decided to try a spirit that specifically finds lost items, and Vassago was an obvious choice.

I barely opened Vassago’s seal and roughly call him, when bang! My son shatters a glass in a thousand pieces. After making sure the little one was ok, I grabbed a broom to pick up the broken glass, and asI was sweeping… Lo and behold, the phone was under a sofa where I had looked many times already. It’s like it was planted there.

Soon after, my son reaches under a table and comes out with the reading glasses O thought I lost on the street.

Since them, Vassago has been helping me with finding more objects, and he comes instantly just by valling him or gazing at his seal. I am amazed at Vassago and wonder if he can be used to bring back lost wealth, for instance. Hail Vassago! Thank you so much.


Many thanks to King Asmodeus & Duke Amdusias for helping me with a highly frustrating situation I was involved in the other day. Some way, somehow, after speaking both of your enns and asking for your help, within 15 minutes, you influenced a medical professional not to listen to the suggestion of another dipshit medical professional and do what I was saying from the beginning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quick action and for the continued guidance & teachings throughout my development and down this path


Huge shoutout and thanks to the Mighty King Baal for always always having my back.

Thank you for your continued support and mainly thank you for looking out for me when I could not.

You have my deepest gratitude and humblest respect.

Hail King Baal :black_heart::frog::smirk_cat::prince:t4:


Thank you Mammon for all the amazing blessings and riches you continue to bring my way! HAIL MAMMON!


A great thanks to Aphrodite for sticking to me this whole time and showing me new ways to magick, love, beauty and more.

Thanks to Anubis for all the insight, strength and other blessings. I’m thankful for this magickal path.


Dear St. Expedite and Santa Muerte,
I want to thank you for the help you gave my mother to not pay property tax and cadastral tax after my father passed away. This saved us from financial collapse.

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I would like to Thank King Zagan for coming forward by yourself in my dream and helping me with huge sum of money in dad’s business.

There were 2 options given 6,000$ in 30days for some offerings or double of that amount in 45 days for more offerings.
Today is day 34 and and he already completed the 2nd option 80% (twice the amount,12,000$).

A few more days and that would be done as well,this seemed near to impossible few months ago considering the situation.

You came to me in my time of need and have given me great sense of relief,peace,mental stability,you will always have my respect,love,gratitude and appreciation.

Thank You King Zagan :crown:


Thank you Lord Lucifer for always protecting and taking care of me,I do not worry about safety because of your extended protection both physically and spiritually.

Love,gratitude and respect

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I’d like to give Infinite Thanks and Praises to God Apollo for helping me heal some sickness I tried to get rid off that nothing else helped me. Called upon several entities, went to visit several doctors and nothing helped. But Once I Called Upon Apollo, my Symptoms healed at least a 60-70% and been feeling waaaay better since Thanks Apollo for helping me get rid of irritable vowel syndrome and all the symptoms from my broken neck.

Would like to Give Thanks Again to Apollo for helping me bring audience to a Youtube channel I started in spanish to help hispanic people

I’d like to Give thanks to Hermes for helping me improve my manifestations and my skills in magick!

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I’d like to give thanks to Sitri for helping me get laid and create beautiful relationships with beautiful and gorgeous women with beautiful hearts

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I’d like to thanks Asmoday for creating an abundance of leads and attention so overwhelming that even at a point became a problem at work is power is ridiculous be careful what you ask for! Thanks Asmoday

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Hail Lucifer
Hail Bune
Hail Clauneck
Hail King Paimon
Hail Suhn’tal’ock

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Thanks Fro’ghla’tasch for aiding me at times when I was still unprepared and weak minded and as a person, you had a lot of patience and helped me get Amazing results regardless of me being an anchor. When I asked him to show me his real power, he took it seriously and made some of the biggest manifestations I’ve ever seen in terms of attraction it really looked unreal like something taken out of a movie. When it comes to attraction It literally made hole streets flock towards me. Girls trowing themselves at me out of nowhere, really crazy. Thanks Fro’ghla’tasch

A massive thank you to King Belial.

My family and I have had issues with my father as long as I can remember. He’s just a really grumpy, hot-tempered, mean guy. He is a good father, but just extremely mean. Spitting abuse at us when we don’t do something the way he wants.

In January I had made a petition to King Belial because I was so fed up with him. I was going to go back home as I live in another city for college, and I was extremely anxious.

It’s been over 2 months since I contacted the King about this and when I look at my father now, it feels so weird because I have never seen him this understanding and tolerant. He is soft as a marshmallow. There hasn’t been any tension in the house since then. He’s so calm. Like… how???

MASSIVE Thank you! Hail King Belial!!!