Melek Taus path working

I don’t see a lot of ppl work with this spirit but who do you guys think he is Satan or Lucifer or another spirit all together… any experience with him??

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A similar mask, a different expression of the energy.

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I’ve been seeing peacocks everywhere lately, but I’ve never worked with him.

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Not sure. When I worked with him he didn’t have the darkest of energy. There was a slight hint of it but mostly illumination and fire as far as energy goes. He taught me how to be more tough emotionally and energetically and about your True Will. Much love to him :v:


I’ve worked with him, he’s another expression of the Lucifer pattern.

He represents the alchemical process of making lead into gold so to speak, just like a peacock eats poisonous fruits and makes his feathers brighter.

He helped me on a number of occasions turning situations into my favor, sweetening people up, and when working with djinn he also helps to control them and make sure they don’t do anything against you.


he’s very light almost holy God like at least that’s how I felt his energy

Melek Taus is akin to the lovechild of Hera and Lucifer, but IME, he’s more like the Lucifer that took a page out of Hera’s book- as if he bought the peacock.

I was wondering if Iblis could be another mask of Lucifer too.Btw Iblis sounds much more fiery and dark when vibrated than Melek Taus,right?