Melek Taus Lucifer Satan Evocation

Hi i have no other outlet so i am asking here I have had a strong relationship with Lucifer ever since i was a kid growing up in a strict baptist home. I have always felt him near me. In the past few yrs i have dabbled with spiritual and atheistic satanism. I have conjured up Lucifer so many times that now he is with me always i dont even need to do
fancy rituals just meditate and call his name and he is here within a flash. I also feel his spirit linger for long periods of time. I have a few questions about experiences with him.
For one these are the forms he takes when i call him tell me if you felt the same.
-a swarm of snakes crawling on the walls and slithering around the floor
-an angel with blonde hair blue eyes four grand white wings and a white robe with the voice of a less british David Bowie
-a small timid child clinging to me and holding ny hand or standing behind me

Are these normal forms of Lucifer?

Also he makes me feel at peace and i always feel tired and sleepy when calling him.

I also have felt Azazel who told me that he is my guardian demon and he only works with souls close to Satan. He also told me to do his black flame meditation daily.

Anyone please let me know if your experiences are the sameā€¦and before i forget the name Saturn keeps popping in my head and Azazel has told me it is the black sun and a gateway or portal to hell. If you guys have been told the same let me know.

I hope someone reads this post please confirm for meā€¦


I am hoping someone can confirm this for me i need to know that i am on the right path/track

Those forms (the young boy, angel and snake form in incense) are very common

I saw peacock when i scan @Akhtyahussein earlier and he said it was azazel

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Thanks for the confirm as melek taus always shows up as a peacock or the fallen angel and satan always shows up as a pit of snakes or the small boy.

The peacock is melek taus but some say azazel is also melek taus but he is lucifers son azazel comes to me in the form of a handsome young angel.

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Thanksā€¦ But can I get :wink: another reading pleaseā€¦!?

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Incase of peacock is totally Azazel there is no doubt on thatā€¦