Melchizedek Mediation Log

This is going to be a meditation log of an very interesting and frankly unknown character by the name of Melchizedek. This will revolve around the one of the meditations revolving around the book Melchizedek Unmasked by Baal Kadmon. This will be a Yichmuid Meditation where I am combining the name Melchizedek with El Elyon and allowing the energy from both into the environment. It also serves as an invocation, as part of the meditation calls to “see as he does, think as he does, and feel as he does”. I have done this meditation before and it has helped to deal with making difficult decisions where I struggled with the choice of handling the matter harshly or with a gentler hand (I ended up finding a solution between the two extremes). However, I did not perform this for a long period of time, which is my goal for this one. It will be for three weeks this go around.

f we are to look at him strictly from an Old Testament perspective (Gensis 14), he is a Cannadite King and Priest who blessed Abraham. Yes, a priest of an entirely different faith blessed a key figure in Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is not really new, as Jertho, the father in law of Moses and priest of Midrian, likely of Baal-peor. He essentially saved Moses, who in turned lead the Israelites out if Egypt. This would suggest that the main god of the Abrahamic faith either does not care about the religious views of the individual (as Melchizedek was also blessed in return by Abraham paying back one tenth of everything he owned) or that even those outside of the faith of the follower can be a blessing for them. Either way, this is a very uncomfortable aspect to any religion being established, so I am not surprised that there is not much else about Melchizedek until Psalams where it is used to describe David’s children as both Rulers and Priests (a combination that for a long time was forbidden). He was also turned into a messiah figure in the Dead Sea scrolls as being the arch enemy of Belial, who had became the embodiment of evil within the same text. Honestly, I lean more towards the idea that emerged from the Old Testament, that he was a man who balanced the roles between a King and a Priest (which can have completely different approaches to matters of the world) who was not a follower of the faith and yet still was not only a blessing for others but was blessed in return.

Here is a link from two short chapters of the book itself. The book is available on Amazon Kindle, as well as Kindle Prime, and within that text is a link to videos of the meditations themselves. I will not share them here as it is obvious that the intention of the author would be that it is for those who choose to read the book. To avoid BALG possibly being hot water, it would be better for those who are interested to go through the book itself to have those links.

Thank you for reading. Let’s begin


Day One

The shift of energy was very noticeable. I would describe the intensity as like a storm, where you can feel it build and then release. This was more like turning on a flashlight. There is a moment where the light is not there and then it is when the device is turned on.

The energy from the name Melchizedek was very grounding, yet not completely focused downward. I would best describe it as standing on a cliff, looking outward. You feel grounded with the solid earth beneath your feet enough to look out well beyond that small piece of land. The energy of El Elyiom had a “vastness” to it, as if looking up at an Azure sky, free of clouds. When the both were combined, both aspects were at play where the energy felt open and uplifting but also grounding as well.

With the invocation aspect of the meditation, it felt as the energy from calling the two names drew into me, leaving the same feeling of the names to linger after the meditation has ended. I will observe myself tonight and see if anything interesting comes up throughout my day.


More awesome stuff, my friend! :slight_smile:

On an interesting note, EA Koetting received the Melchizedek Priesthood within the LDS Church as mentioned in his book Questing After Visions :thinking:

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I don’t think I have read Questing after visions as of yet. I will have to check it out after I have completed this

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Jason Miller includes Melchizedek in his Black School of St. Cyprian course. I do a daily anointing with oil as part of the order of Melchizedek. But outside of those classes, I’ve never heard anyone mention him in occult forums. Thanks for the info!



Not a whole lot to discuss, although I did notice an improvement on my patience with dealing with a new problem at work. My trainer and I decided that I needed a little more trial by fire to really develope as a tech, so I answered more calls alone. I did not get frustrated when I was not solving the problem correctly and eventually got it right. I noticed some pressure on my right shoulder at moments where I was starting to go to that direction, which was a que for me to take a breath and ease the tension before getting back to it.

I also noticed a change in my creativity with coming up with possible substitutions for ingredients of a very old grimoire I am looking to eventually work with (the Sefer HaRazim). I wouldn’t call it a massive important but it was helpful as I was stuck at the time.


Bookmarked. Will review after I get home from therapy and rest.

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Day Two

This was a little more subtle than the last go around. I went into the meditation before my first cup of coffee, so I may not have connected as much as I normally do. However, I was able to feel the shift from calling both names in the ritual. As I went through it, a thought emerged of when to be involved in a situation and when to take a step back. Micromanaging tends to lead only to constant worry and exhaustion. At the same time, failure of a bit of attention tends to lead to things problems that could have been avoided arising. There is a balance between the two that only is learned by trial and error. It is not something that can be learned on the sidelines, as it is hard to see the pressure leading brings without actually taking that role. As they say, a crown weighs heavy on the heart while light on the brow.

I did come into this meditation with a heavy heart, as I watched some videos on currents events prior to. As much as I called things such as wise or strong, I am still a person, subject to his emotions, which is not necessarily a bad thing. It enriches life, even if it is not always pleasant. But I am feeling a bit lighter and centered after that meditation.


Day 3

The shift was subtle this go around. The shift was there but it was very mental based. I have came to realize I need to work on my attitude with failure. When I fail, I tend to shift my gears to a new endeavor immediately without actually processing it. This will ultimately result in feeding the shadow to hit me harder later. I need a bit more patience with myself, process the defeats, and then move on.

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Well, I had some failures last night working on machines I am getting to know. I forced myself to stop worrying about time and actually be there in the failure. To feel the frustration and tension, accepting it and letting it go as I tried other methods out. I also had my trainer not help me immediately so I could work things out in my head. I made sure to extract every lesson I could from my mistakes and take notes as I worked until finally, I allowed him to point out some things I should pay attention to and came to the solution.

While it might be more desirable to get to the solution quickly, moving down the hallway of doors when one is locked, sometimes it is better to take things slow, understand why it did not work, and then go to the next solution.

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Day 4

The energy had intensified this session. As the meditation went through and I unfolded myself to the presence of Melchizedek and El Elyon, I recalled aspects of my past. I remembered what it was like to be hungry, as food was limited. I recalled having to melt snow for water as I could not afford better heat tape to thaw frozen pipes. I recalled wearing torn clothing as that was all I could afford and the feeling of being cold during winter’s storms. I recalled the conflicts I was in and the weight it had on my soul. I recalled two years of social isolation to distance myself. It seems so long ago looking back, but it is not something I can forget. It was not easy to get out of it, as it is something that requires will, action, and frankly a little anger.

I wonder if part of the reason this emerged is to remind myself of where I come from. Things were not handed to me, I had to grab them and climb up out of the hole I was in. There were people who helped me on my way that I appericate, but it was really up to me to get out. And those experiences helped me to relate to others a little bit, which has allowed me to help others for a time on their own climb.

Honestly, I would not have been able to see myself being where I am now back then. I have a family of my own, I am making more money than ever before, doing things that interest me, and my troubles are far different and less severe than they were back then.

I wonder if part of that balance between a king and a priest involves being aware of life experiences from the bottom up, helping to reflect on decisions that can effect others.


Day 5

I had a bit of a small break as I have been very busy getting my ducks in a row both professionally and personally. Everything is working out well, but there have been things that needed my attention.

Meditation went similarly as the other experiences. I did notice a sense of coolness temperature wise when activating Mechizedek’s name and a sense of warmth with El Elyon’s that mixed well with each other when the names were combined. Nothing overbearing, but brought a sense of center with it. No profound thoughts this time, it felt more like taking a breather and settling with the changes going on.

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Day 6

Finally getting a schedule established, so I went again with this meditation. Just as before,there is a different sense of…“tone” with the two names. Melchizedek is very grounding and I got a sense of “narrowing” my focus. El Elyon’s on the other hand gives a sense of “vastness” and is uplifting. When combined, the sensation is that one has this energy coursing through and outwards while still being centered. This could be very handy as a means to either prepare for a larger ritual or to really reenter oneself.

Even though I have not been as disciplined as I should be, there is some effects in my personal life that seems worthy of mentioning. I have been a lot less tense as of late and kinda just “going with the flow” as far as changes go. It is easier to adapt to things as they go through and I have caught myself in states of childlike curiosity and excitement as opposed to being serious all the time. People are also not walking on eggshells around me, which makes it easier to get things done both mundane and magic wise. I am not sure if this is solely because of this or a combination with the other workings going on, but it is a nice touch.


Day Seven

A lot has been going on in my life, things finally coming together and I feel younger than I actually am keeping it up on it all. There is plenty more to be done, but it does not weigh on me like before.

I followed the meditation as described but noticed my mind shifted things a bit. As I activated Melchizedek’s name, I observed the letters wrapping around me and hanging down like a robe. I could actually feel some weight as if i was wearing heavy wool or something of the like. As I activated El Elyon’s name, I watched the letters form a circle and become a sun, feeling the warmth and sense of vastness. When I went to combine the two, I felt the “edge of the cloth” rise up and fuse to the sun. The two merged and formed a ring around me that stuck around for a bit as I allowed myself to slip out of the meditation.

As for how I feel now, it is an interesting mix of a sense of being steady but also enjoyment. Kinda looking at the work that still needs to be done with a bit of joy, feeling like I am right where I need to be at the moment. It is a feeling that is often underrated.


Day Eight

This session was more internal in sensations than the others. When I activated Melchizedek’s name, I felt both grounded and “charged”. Something was stirring within me as the energy from the letters flowed. When I activated El Elyon’s name, there was a sense of expansion and the sense of awe that can come from seeing an open sky. When I combined them, I heard a voice saying “Kings die, Warriors fall, and men perish. Names are lost to the course of time. But the shifts cause by every day actions live on well beyond their memory.”

A sense of calm came as I brought the meditation to a close.


Day Nine

Not a whole lot to say on this session. No visuals, just a sense of calm. That being said, my wife had came home with free food the moment I ended the meditation. We cut off a decent portion as an offering and enjoyed the rest. Not too shabby at all.

Day Ten

I went into the meditation after mentally playing around with a bout of pessimism. In the past, it would have consumed me, but I have grown to the point where I can allow it to have it’s time in my brain, pick at it a bit, and let it go. A majority if it revolves the idea of cycles and defining what is freedom in reality as opposed to ideals, as well as its cost. I allowed them to play around in my mind for a bit and let them go before the meditation.

Did not really feel too much as I went through it energetic wise. As I brought it to a close, I felt a slight surge of power pass through me with someone saying “tune out the noise and rest”.

I think I can say that would be the first time a spirit essentially told me i was thinking too much lol.