Melatonin and astral travel

Could taking melatonin and forcing yourself to stay awake help with astrial travel?

My intention is not to sound ignorant. I’ve been taking a regular dose of melatonin to help me sleep and have found it seems easier to get into the right state but still can’t quite get there.

What do you think?

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Yes it will actually, I recommend eat a raspberry/pineapple desert.

Raspberries help increase production of Melatonin

Pineapple Helps with the production of Serotonin

Both are important for sleep, just make sure to eat them few hours before bed so the sugar doesn’t effect you so much.

I’ve had great results when doing this among other healthy sleeping habits.


Sleep deprivation although not recommended at all by anyone actually provides benefits to introspection. When you run off no sleep, you’re completely exhausted and recoiled. You’re not responding or existing from the world of ego, because by then when you are so sleep deprived, you begin to function and respond more from the soul.

I wouldn’t say this would do much for increasing ability to astral travel — only for reflecting or connecting with individuals on a wholesome but weird level, as far as I know, if you can put yourself into sleep paralysis — just learn to detach from the motherboard for a bit. :slight_smile: many tutorials on here for clear cut methods

I take melatonin nightly and astral travel at this point automatically instead of sleeping. I take alot of other herbs but each person is going to feel it differently. I recommend valerian root for astral projection. It always gets me in the mood for lift off.


I find taking melatonin and ‘astral’ projection can also lead to issues with imagination because melatonin is also known to cause trippy dreams and taking in forcing yourself to stay awake your mind can slip into full on derp mode. However, I assume most who go down this method find ways to combat that.