Meeting my future self

So flashback to about 2 years ago, i’m smoking weed with my buddy and when it hits, my god it hit. I was full on tripping, about 30 minutes into it i feel like their was a presence controlling my trip. Then i saw it, it was me. i saw this within my imagination, but as someone that can barley picture something i saw a second ago, the scene was scarily clear. Immediately the entity (me) Signals psychically, that he means no harm. But this was say too far out for me, i didn’t even know the word occult at the time, so i pushed back, and he disappeared. Fast forward 8 months ago and i’m immensely adept at astral travel, so i’m traversing the realms, and i see myself lying on that same couch, and i signal to myself i’m friendly, but as you know i push myself away and the vision ended. Now, i’m making this post to ask you guys, has this every happened to you? is there a consistent way of communicating with your past or future self?

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Another time, i’m traversing the astral realm and i saw a pony, i told myself “he’s making fun of you.” Fast forward about a month or so and i’m on snapchat and this guy is telling me, “show me your magick, i believe it all.” then my past self yelled to me “HES MAKING FUN OF YOU” and the avatar for the person was a pony. All of this communication is completely at random, it would be nice to harness this ability.