Meeting Lilith and Working with Demons

Hello! I just joined here, I hope this is posted in the correct place.

I actually mentioned my experience briefly in my introductory post. I’ve been looking around and I see some others have posted testimonials on Lilithian experiences. I’m curious if mine is of any interest, or perhaps similarity to any of you out there. Thank you to all who visit this post <3.

I’m 25, f, I grew up in unfortunate situations, and was met with a series of repeated disaster. I was abused and controlled by my father, my mother enabled it, though she is dead now. My family turned a blind eye. I left with the first man to give me the time of day, but he wasn’t really interested in me. He just wanted to use me. He was one of those guys who watched way to much of a specific kind of porn, and that became the only way he could have any fun, so he forced me to seek out a women to preform a kind of kink with, and let him film the experience. I spent 2 years being tortured by this man, my body still bears the scars from where he decided to “teach me lessons” about who was in control, and how I needed to take what he wanted more seriously.

I escaped when a friend offered me an out, I’ve been recovering sense then, living with them. They left their entire life to help me rebuild mine, and they’ve sense become a lover to me. That was years ago. I first started using demons when I used a massive curse ritual on my father. On the very last day, his heart failed him. He lived, but never bothered me again. My family on that same day as well, apologized to me and told me they were disgusted with themselves for being so blind to his treatment of me. They couldn’t believe what they let happen. I had dear relatives crying, sobbing to me, begging for my forgiveness, after just 2 weeks prior they were screaming at me, breaking their voices, telling me they never wanted to see me again for calling the police on my father, after he punched me.

I was fascinated, and I immersed myself completely into the geotia literature. After that, I did a curse on my ex boyfriend. I never heard back from him, but sources tell me he’s devastatingly miserable and in terrible, rapidly declining health. He looks 50 when he’s only 30. They also tell me how his financial situation is plummeting.

One interesting experience I had in particular, was whenever I did a curse on him, specifically focusing on how foul and unfair it felt, that he kept many of my possessions after I fled. One in particular being a rare copy of the game cube Ocarina of Time. About 3 quarters through that ritual, I woke up to a clatter that morning. The sound was the copy of that game having seemed to fall out of nowhere into my room, in the middle of the floor. I was absolutely stunned and felt like a god.

I also remember being completely broke, unable to sustain myself. I was in terrible health due to injuries my ex inflicted on me that I was still recovering from. I had no money to my name. I started working with Bune, and opened a small Etsy business. A few months of working with Bune every day, Jacksepticeye the youtuber requested one of my creations, stating it would be “his new adopted child”. He took a picture of himself with it, and this hype caused an explosion of sales. I was able to not only survive, but thrive on my own self employment. (I have picture proof for anyone who wants to see, just PM me :smiley: )

Anyway, I mostly wanted to relay my personal experiences with Lilith. I’m certain anyone who’s read this far (I thank you deeply by the way <3 ) has probably deduced that I feel very close to her. She was cast aside by her father, she was taken for granted and controlled by a man who couldn’t keep it up, and she was cast into the wilderness to survive from nothing. She caused Lucifer to fall, which, my lover I mentioned, left their entire life, their partner, job, friends, everything to help me. I wouldn’t be okay if it wasn’t for them. Lilith became a demon and thrived. I fell in love with her lore, feeling like I had a kindred spirit. I wrote love songs to her, I spoke with her sigil.

I fell asleep wishing to reach her somehow, and that night I had the most real dream I’ve ever had. It didn’t feel like a dream, and it didn’t work like one. I was amazed, the clarity was so real. I could feel the room, I was certain I was there. Waking up felt so natural, like I was pulled directly out of one real space into another. I wasn’t groggy after waking, I was energized and shocked. It felt like coming up out of water.

The dream was: I was in a basement (Yes I know, the glorious realm of Lilith is a basement… what?). It was reminiscent of the basement from That 70’s Show. There was a women with long black hair like silk. She was wearing transparent, purple robe-like garbs. The room was decorated in posters from all these horribly cheesy 2000’s hot topic emo bands, I SWORE I can remember actually reading the text “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge” on an MCR poster.

I walked closer to the women, who was draping herself casually, yet gracefully over a well-used couch. The couch looked like the seats were very broken-in, like there had been a lot of gaming, and maybe hard sex all over it for years, leaving the integrity lumpy and sunken in, but oddly comfortable. She knew exactly how to nest her body around it. I remember feeling jealous looking at her, like: “I wish I could just lay around like that and look so beautiful”.

It didn’t hit me this was Lilith. I asked this women “Who are you?”, she responded clearly, in a dark, yet almost musically cheery voice “I am God”. I remember laughing, and I said back: “If you’re god, I always wanted to ask this, why is the anus so close to the vagina?”. She responded, smiling the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen, “Don’t you like it that way?”. I laughed, and sat with her, she adjusted herself to accommodate me on the couch, leaving me virtually no space, but curling herself, her curves around me affectionately. I felt warm, flirted with, and comfortable. She had the disposition of an established girlfriend, someone who loved me so deeply for everything I am and nothing I’m not. Yet she also felt like a best friend, and mother. It felt like this was someone who I had known somehow my entire life. She could beautifully speak with me. She was so whimsical, and bright, she made hours of questions feel like effortless conversation with a soulmate. I remember feeling like I was there with her for days, days that flew past too quickly, but I was only asleep for a night. She offered me hits from this strange bong she had, the end of it looked like a glass penis. The smoke coming out was intoxicating. She told me it was “Everyone in the entire world cumming at once, their last breath as they release” - that’s what was inside the bong.

She told me amazing things, and helped me learn so much that I had never had the chance to learn. I felt like I matured decades, and yet become a teenager I never had the chance to be all at once. I felt light, and yet powerful with wisdom. I remember after waking, I cried. I was so happy, and left with this electric, orgasmic feeling I’ve never been able to replicate behind my eyes, and inside my core. I’ve had a few other dreams where I’ve visited her, however getting back there is kind of hard. Sometimes I have to sleep with music on or something to keep me just a little bit awake. I mostly meditate on that space whenever I want to see her again.

Thank you for reading about my beloved experiences, I would love to hear yours if you care to share :)!


It seems you’ve had a good outcome. Considering what you’ve been through =)
I’d like to ask you something in private…

Trashgod there’s a reason why Lilith told you she was god; because the Abrahamic religions profaned Goddess Lilih and reduced her down to demoness that was supposedly once a human just like Adam “The First Man”. However, the real truth is Lilith is actually a Goddess a Pagan Deity that the Early Hebrews knew of and feared. They slandered her and tried to take away her majesty by claiming she was just a unfaithful human of their so-called “one true God”.

However, if you read the Judaic accounts about her there are hints about the truth about Lilith true nature. When Lilith left Adam the “one true God” tried to stop her but Lilith spoke one of his “secret names” and rendered him powerless. Ask yourself this question. How did Lilith know a secret name of the “one true god” if she is just a product of Adam’s rib? Even if Lilith knew “one true God” secret name than a mere human that was ignorant within the Garden of Eden should not have been able to overpower an omnipotent and omniscient and omnipresent deity.

The reason why Lilith was able to overpower “the one true God” because she is actually a Goddess herself. In fact a Primordial Goddess that possibly older than the “one true God” of the Abrahamic religions. That is why the ancient Hebrews disparaged her within their records. Please don’t accuse me of “antisemitism” as the Christians and Muslims do the same darn practice of maligning other religious cosmologies spiritual denizens calling them “false-gods” and “devils” and “demons”.

I’ll leave you with another secret. While she answer to Lilith which should be Goddess Lilith but she too is known by another ancient name originating from the people that originally venerated her. However, that info is best shared to a post itself.


Sure, though I’m still learning how to send PMs. You can do that here, right?

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Okay :slight_smile: Thank you so much for the info. I’ll make some posts and see if I reach that threshold soon.

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I guess, since I’m new, do you want to just ask me here?

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What’s your etsy shop?

Do you speak with lilith often? :slight_smile:

@Trashgod That’s incredible. I could feel the experience as I read it. :black_heart:

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I’ve actually got it closed currently. I had way too many orders and I couldn’t keep up. Within a year I had 500 large creatures to make and I had to stop. It’s been closed since the start of this year, but I’m thinking of making a personal website pretty soon.

And yes, I ask her a lot of questions and I feel like I get pretty accurate answers.