Meet My Brother!

So when i was 5 my father passed away and my mother had trouble taking care of me and my sister so she send us to live at my uncle
my uncle was going through a divorce at that time and didn’t know how to take care of us ,
so he would take us to work with him everyday he was an exorcist ,he keept us in another room to not give us nightmare by the performances
,anyway i remember seeing black shadows all around me as a kid so i would always make the (O_O) face :joy:but as i grew older I would see them more clearly but thought I had problems with my eyes ,so when i was 16 my sister got possesed by jinn and my uncle went for a short trip I went to an exorcist but he refused to help her because my sister didn’t pray or visted the mosque daily (that son of bitch) my sister started coughing blood so what i did was I grabed my balls took her to my room and tried my best to ask the jinn to leave her body and after 2 hours he his as he came out of her body I was able to see him come out of her body he noticed me staring and came close to me and said “you can see me??” I made the O_O face again​:joy: but wasn’t afraid while talking to him for the past 2 hours I found out that he was actually good jinn ans it was his first time entring a body but didnt let my guards down ,I simple ignored him and acted as if I didn’t see him
he came even closer to me and said "I know you can see me,how about we work together " I was like work for what,
possessing people no thanks ,and then he backed up a little bit and said "my name is Khalid, if you ever want to talk to me just yall outside of your window and I shall come as the wind " I was like :unamused:(I was born with a natural attitude :joy:) and he left ,so I rushed my sister to the hospital 2 years later my sister went to uni and I was left alone in the house most of the time I begin to feel depressed and lonely and have suicidal thoughts, one night as I was crying in my room a black shadow slamed my window ,
I fall out my bed freaking out as I look closely it was Khalid he came to me and said "i offer my help but you just choose to ignore me you stupid human "O_O agine
he throw my tissue box at my face and asked me to sit down…and gave me some life philosophy for 30 min,
and said that he’ll stay by my side and protect me no matter what, i told him that I didn’t need nor want any of his help hw said I’m the first human that could see him and that he never had a friend i still keept ignoring him but he keept following me ever since I didn’t do anything to get rid of him cuse he was not harming me
he would give me books to read and teach me philosophy, and helped change my diet to eating more healthy foods exercising and getting out my dark mind set I even tryed to draw him to introduce him to my sister only
my sister doesn’t like him for possessing her😂
It really feelt like he was my older brother advising me
And helped me with my personal problems, he even helped me cheat once at test then scolded me when i got back home for not studying :joy: I wanted to make this post cuse not everyone sees jinn the way I do in my country as just creatures who want to possesse humans
,and Khalid encouraged me to make post about them “jinn are very humanlike ,I am you and you are me
,but you don’t see” also some great friends here asked me about jinn as well so I was like why not post my experience with them :blush:


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Interesting… So this Khalid guy what else can he do 1? What did he teach you 2? How can you see him, how can others see him 3? Saw him in physical form VERY interesting. How old is he 4? What was his first name, as in what was his name he was first given 5? Is there others way he can give you knowledge 6? If you kindly choose to reply to these message please number them so i don’t get confused :smile:. Thanks for your time.

Geez! So it wasn’t properly written. So what? It doesn’t take away the content and the context of what the OP shared for us. She’s apparently a highly skilled magician, and should be credited by the content, rather than getting criticism of not using paragraphs. And in some parts of the world, there’s no time to format the text and things need to be written faster.

Praise the content when it’s of importance, not the presentation.


He can read people’s feelings

Philosophy and art

I really don’t know :confused:

He told me his 110 years old [quote=“John_Doe, post:6, topic:16479”]
What was his first name, as in what was his name he was first given 5?

That is the name that his parent’s gave him his Muslim

His a very striket teacher he well get angery when I dont pay attanton and mass with my dreams as lesson :joy::joy:


Chill bruh.
Both are important.

hmmmmmmmmmm. Can he “install” information into you? Wait wait, so he was human once!? How did he become a Jinn?


Thanks succpedia I’m writting it in the car it may be all over the place.

No he was not a human but takes a human form jinn live like humans .


Your really funny​:joy::joy::joy: what you mean by install ??

Yes they also have religons MIND BLOWWWN!!

We are a blobs of energy. Jinns are blobs of energy as well and have been around longer than us. They have knowledge inaccessible to us. Some blobs of energy are able to edit other blobs in order to give them information. Giving them information in ways we can’t do by ourselves. Is Khalid capable of this? It’s sort of like invocation.

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No he just tells me , I can hear his voice he doesn’t send anything to me, it’s crazy how I can see him and hear him with no astral scenes.


Have you tried invoking him before?

Invoking him as intering inside my body ,hell no I don’t wanna be coughing blood like my sister :raised_hand::joy:

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I feel like you should talk to him about it it’s very beneficial to the magician. An invocation is when an entity channels some of their energy through you. A possession is when they channel all of their energy through and take control of your body. Even channeling an entity like speaking through them is a mild form of possession. Your sister was coughing up blood most likely because it was a full possession and she was resisting. The amount of energy going through her was exceeding her limits. If he channeled, let’s say, 5% you would notice a change in perception and sense of empowerment or something similar to that. Up to you though.

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